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i fell again



Yesterday I was feeling fine. I went and filled the car up with gas and drove to the grocery store. I parked, put my handicap placard up and walked inside. As I was reaching for a shopping cart I felt myself falling over. It felt like I was shaking. I don't know if I was saying it outloud or thinking it but I could hear myself saying "someone help me. What do i do?" Next thing I know I woke up in the back of an ambulance freaking out and crying because I was strapped down and didnt know what was going on. The medic said I had a seizure, the people at the store seen me falling so they caught me.


When I got to the Emergency Room, they did an EKG on me, took my blood, and gave me my keppra through the IV. My arm and wrist were hurting really bad so they did an x-ray but didn't find any broken bones. Of course I fell to my weak side but if witnesses caught me, I dont understand why I am still in pain. I couldnt even lift my left arm up enough to put on deodorant this morning.


Later when I talked to the doctor he said he didn't think I had a seizure since I remembered everything. He said it seems like I just passed out. I took my medicine the night before and it didn't feel like a seizure. Usually when I have a seizure I start to feel dizzy nauseous and get a headache. This however, felt like what happens when Im sleeping. Someone is pushing me and Im trying to push back while it feels like Im moving uncontrollably but really Im just laying there sleep the whole time. If I had skipped my medicine or been feeling dizzy with a headache I definitely would've thought it was a seizure. I didn't bite my tongue or anything and after I got over the initial shock of waking up in the ambulance I remembered everything and felt fine. No dreamy like memory, no headache, etc. It feels like I just cant catch a break but at least I wasnt at home by myself or in the car. Im glad it happened in public not while I was walking around at home without my AFO to protect my ankle from falls.


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Depending on your seizure -- those muscles that contract can in themselves hurt themselves... kinda like muscle cramps on steroids... ... dan has done than a number of times been sore ... the muscle contract so hard they actually can "break " themselves.. and yes that is painful.. sorry honey i dont think anyone is catching a break as of late...nancy

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If you have a neurologist you see regularly, it might be a good thing to run this by that dcotor. Your description sounds like a seizure to me, but who knows? If it was, there might be a need for some adjustments to your meds. I do know that seizures can be fairly mild or huge grand mal types.


Sorry for the challenges you are facing. It does seem like many are going through rough times right now. Hang in there, best you can. ~~Donna

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So sorry about your fall but happy to hear you were not hurt. Larry has fallen a few times but luckily has never been hurt. I hope you don't let this get you down too much. You are doing well going out by yourself. Take care and thank the Lord it wasn't worse.



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Katrina, you are in my prayers now and all this week for your safety and good grace of feeling much better this week. I can't say what or which you had but what ever it was I pray you don't experience that again. Ambulance rides are no fun and can be expensive in some cases.

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Katrina: I am so sorry for your fall, but thankful there were wonderful people around to help you. You are going to have muscle aches for a few days. No matter how well your angels helped you, your body was still out of alignment and those muscles were strained.


I agree you need to run this by your Doctor and have the paperwork from the ER sent ot him/her. Regardless of whether or not it was a seizure, it needs to be noted.


The one thing that stands our to me, tho, is did you eat breakfast? I know you took your meds, but the one thing you did not mention was food and hydration. Rest up as best you can for a few days and do call the Doctor. Debbie

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Katrina :


I am so sorry for your fall, but glad you were not hurt badly, but I know when you fall unexpectedly your body does ache for few days since we fall so awkwardly. I know my body ached for few days when car hit me & I fell on the floor even though I didn't bump my head or anything still muscle ache was intense for few days.



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Oh no, so sorry to hear this happened. This is your 2nd recent fall. I hope you can get to the bottom of this before you have a serious fall - will keep you in my prayers!

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