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moving my hand



I just wanted to blog about something positive. Ever since the seizure/ pass out/ whatever it was, I have been feeling a lot of anxiety, I can't tell if I am feeling the onset of a seizure, regular dizziness, or just anxiety that its going to happen again but it is pretty frustrating. I just have to tell myself "I'm okay. I don't have seizures anymore". I keep repeating it until my mind goes back to normal.

Well I just wanted to share with you guys the joy of moving my hand! I can sleep with the splint on now. I exercise my hand when Im sitting at work at the desk. I am doing my e-stim right now. I can tell it is really helping. I remember when I could barely pry my fingers open using my good hand. Now my fingers are loose all the time. Even with the wrist support I can tell my fingers are looser. They dont dig in my hand and it seems like they are coming open more instead of being completely balled up. My thumb stays the straightest and sometimes it feels like I am straightening it when I really focus and try to move it.

The only issue now is my wrist. Its like the straighter my fingers get the more bent my wrist gets. At night when I wear the splint, my fingers are good but my wrist doesnt stay straight. Is there anything I can do to straighten my wrist besides wearing the splint at night which doesnt really keep my wrist strapped down all the time? Im afraid to do weight bearing again because more than one OT told me that its too much for my muscles and can actually lead to more tone.


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I can't tell you why your wrist is not straightening but the fact that you have movement in your hand is great! Larry's hand clenches also and unless he has the Botox treatments, it does not straighten. He has a problem with his thumb not straightening as it tends to bend upwards. Larry would probably have more postive results if he wore his splint more.


I would ask your OT and maybe they need to adjust your splint.



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I'm so glad you got your hand moving again and before too long if you keep working at RECOVERY all your non moving parts will begin to move like a robot and you'll be smiling from ear to ear I know already. Now soon as you start dancing and snapping you fingers on that hand please post it online so I can go buy my ticket to NC so I can witness this historical event with my good eyes.


I get my left eye done Thursday, not sure if all goes well when they will do the right eye. Whatever that will be a sight for sore eyes to see! I got to brink my wife too so she can bear witness to stroke survivors being able to overcome. That way she will have more faith in my recovery instead of saying I have stopped trying very hard to walk and get much better at my age. I have no problem doing or not doing what I do after 9 years.


See, I know her intentions, she wants to travel overseas with me but I don't want to go anymore. I feel very safe at home and I'm getting a passport either!

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