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appt today with psychologist



it went pretty good...the guys seems to care which as we all know is 9/10 's of the problem....getting someone to engage in the care for your loved one...of course no magical solutions.... but he wants to continue to see dan and give suggestions and will communicate with his internist and neurology staff... now this guy is a psychologist not a MD-- but he has been around awhile so like a good experienced nurse i respect him for his knowlege although not necessarily book learned (MD training) but learned in practice and observation.. ( around the block a few times). so i will take his suggestions to heart..and dan seemed to be OK with him... in part because this was in the same building as his internist so - he will recognise the man as a doctor....md or phd -- who cares.. in this paticular case not me..as long as he is not pretending to be someone he is not ... and he made his credentials clear to me..so to talk with dan and give me and him feedback and educated guesses and suggestions -- i will take the back up... lord knows i need it.... and we do have a psychiatrist appt. scheduled in mid june.... what i am learning or attempting is to know when dan is getting manic ( going up) i give him a valium ( other meds dont work - i have tried) if i can prevent the "high" it seems i can also prevent the "low" .... and No- this is not a daily thing..... and dan does not overly react to the valium and it is low dose just settles him a bit... which is good because i have seen tantrums involving the fact he hates ice in his pop but wants to dictate no one else have ice either at the table... not cool, flusters the wait staff and everyone.. yes it sounds funny , and for about 30 seconds it is, but after that -- he just gets more upset.. and it spreads to everything...cleanliness of the table , people to loud etc...etc... so trying to recognise the "antecedents" is important... always was... but i hated to try to medicate to prevent.. but i am realizing it is more detrimental not to medicate... and again he is not snowed just takes it down a notch... they must be anxiety attacks of some type, mabey as his antidepressent gets to a theraputic range it will improve ?? who knows not me -- and really not any one in the whole world... that is the scarey part ,each stroke is so unique as is the person and their paticular brain injury from the stroke... no one can really, really help ... it is just way to abstract --- not hardly any concrete.... to really get a good stance or grip --- just keeps shifting... like a abstract painting.. the more you look at it the more variables present themselves... i want my old picture of my life back... the one with the house in the country, the barn and the animals..... but nope... i am in a abstract painting where i have no idea which direction is up.... need a compass.... but even that keeps spinning.... OK, OK enough crazy talk... just a analogy, my own little observations... good thing this is for survivors and caregivers - no one else really understands-- our own little diary piece meant to share with other members of our own little "stroke" group.....


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Thats great to hear about the psychologist and sounds like the visit went pretty good. My wife and I both went in for the first sesions and it helped both of us with understanding. And towards the end I just went in by myself. I do deal with things differently now, next step is for me to reduce my meds.


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Nancy :


I am glad with your appointment with psychologist went well. I like your analogy with abstract painting. experiences in life have made you quite philosophical lol. are you on any antidepressant? stroke affects whole family. Though for me along with antidepressants blogging & reading spiritual books also helped me recenter.



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oh-- for sure i am on a antidepressant .... it seems to keep the highs and lows in check for me.... hoping it will do the same for dan.... life for me was always very concret, not necessarily structured and now i live by the seat of my pants... my saying to people when we have a appt. is i wont know till i know if i will make it..... luckily for the most part we make the doc appts. but it takes a lot of planning and manipulation...

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Nancy: you already know how I feel about the Valium.


Bruce also has a Psychologist and he loves her. I insisted that he go it alone - just so that he didn't feel "Mommy" was watching. She would come out and say "Debbie, he does not want to stay, says everything is OK." Part of that I know is the aphasia and part just not wanting to air our dirty laundry to strangers. So during the week I would have Bruce write down the issues that came up - in his words. He takes those notes in with him and they go over them.


I totally agree with you about the connection and respect between the professional and the patient. I have a ton of initials after my name, doesn't mean a hill of beans if I don't connect.


You know I am praying for a little light soon, some rest and a little less stress. Please let me know. Debbie

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very few people can understand dan - the aphasia is so acute with him... but the more he becomes comfortable with someone the easier it becomes for dan to talk... but in all honesty - I still cant understand exactly what he is saying 40 % of the time... and i have been married to him for 28 years, and caregiving to him for the past two.. but there only so many directions counceling goes for the most part.... and i think dan just having someone being devoted to him for that half hour or so and just generalized questions till we hit a hot spot will be helpful.. and debbie i will try to keep track of issues as they come up.....

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