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I dont know what happened last night



Right now my brain is in a fog. I have been having memory loss a lot since..well I cant remember how/when it started but it was around the time I started getting dizzy/ having seizures again..I think. Well lastnight I went to sleep at about 10:30. I think I woke up an hour later. All I can remember is I woke up scared to death and confused, I think I was in my bed. but then I remember getting off the floor. I don't know how or why I was on the floor. Maybe I fell off my bed? So I got back in bed and tried to fall back asleep but each time I felt myself dozing off, I would feel like I was getting dizzy and jerk back awake. Like my head would literally jerk to the opposite side each time I fell into that half sleep half awake stage. I began to cry. Its hard enough having to fear dizziness/seizures during the day. Sleep is supposed to be a time for the brain to rest but I fear falling asleep more than being awake. I just prayed and finally I fell back asleep around 2:30. I woke up a few more times but was so exhausted I was able to sleep until about 7am.


When I woke up, my left (weak) wrist was very sore. It was sore lastnight as well. I keep trying to straighten it out but it is very painful. I fell asleep with my splint on but now I see it laying on the floor. I cant remember much from yesterday/this week/last week, but I do remember my guy friend did some exercises with me straightening my wrist. He was using all of his strength to straighten my wrist and shocked that it wasn't hurting me. It really wasn't. It just felt like a regular stretch, but now it and my fingers really hurts. I cannot blame it on him though because my left ankle hurts too. Lastnight when I got off of the floor I did like I usually do, bent my good leg and pushed off with my weak leg. The knee on my good leg was burning though from carpet burn and I could not walk when I woke up because any pressure I put on my left ankle hurted. I had to pivot and hold on to the walls just to get to my bathroom.


So like I said I don't know what happened lastnight. I did go to the doctor...one day this week. I cant remember when. The nurse said my sugar was ok but they still took blood to check my keppra levels again. The only advice she gave me was to eat 3 meals a day and maybe take a multivitamin and calcium since I dont eat dairy or meat. I have been eating a lot since my dizzy spell/ seizure Friday morning but since I had to get my bloodwork done yesterday, I did not eat until the afternoon/evening and forgot to take my medicine until about 8:30 that night. I took it again before I went to sleep though.


It just feels like no matter how hard I try to do better for myself something is always there to bring me back down. I cant even remember my friends name that I spent the last 2 days hanging out with. Im afraid to take a shower. I just dont understand why this stuff keeps happening to me now out of all the years I been fine even years ago days I ate nothing all day and forgot to take my medicine, this stuff never happened so why now?


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no idea honey, but is it possible you have a UTI or some slight infection ?? something isent right -- and i know the frusterated feeling -- you try so hard , do pretty good and then BAM you run into a wall.. it is frustrating . no doubt - we live it... keep trying honey - and get some blood work done and be checked for a UTI... just my thoughts..

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Maybe this is a trial time to see how you are coming along living by yourself? I don't know just guessing as a person but some way, some how something is happening with your thinking system and you become restless there alone. Does this happen when you are by your parents house if you lie down for a rest period of time???


My personal thoughts are if you need a med change or another kind of sleep med to help you fall asleep? Sounds like it's time to call your doctor for advise. Then don't put yourself down by being negative or saying negative things cause sooner or later you really will start to believe the negative stuff you are saying.


I'm so happy to see you type in paragraphs where it can be read much better. So just like you corrected that YOU can handle anything you put your mind to in a positive way. My wife tells me daily I'm way too negative in what I say that I can't do. She says to me that's B.S. So here I am telling you about you being too negative on yourself.


Sure you have had some bad things happen but don't keep dwelling on that, good things are in your life too with God leading and showing you the way!! His light is always shinning for your path. Why do you think we (me and you) are still here on earth??? You got over 12 years surviving I got over 9 years surviving and we are still here to help others along the way. So lets try harder to be more positive in what we say to ourselves, OK? We can always try even harder to get things right!



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I hope you can figure it out soon. maybe one of those monitors like they use to make sure nannies aren't abusing their kids, so if something happens you can play it back and watch what happened?


PS - maybe you will like my veg*n blog. I was vegetarian & nearly dairy free before his stroke. I use soy cheese and almond milk, but if some dairy was already in a food, I would eat it. Anyway, I'm not now, because we get the meals on wheels and I need them to survive.



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Katrina: honey, I don't want to scare you, but I am concerned about your safety being alone. I think it is time for a call to the Doctor and if he can't get you in soonest, maybe the ER. Something is off, yes. And you need a complete workup. Please think about this. Debbie

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I still keep thinking about this problem you're having. It sounds a lot like you might have had a seizure and fell out of bed, hurting the various parts you landed on.


The clue to why this is happening could be realted to 2 things:


1. Could it still be the e-stim triggering this?


2. You are doing things differently since moving out on your own. Could there be something you are now choosing to do differently that is making a difference?


If it were me, I think I'd stop using the e-stim and see if these mysteries disappear. I know, I know! But seizures are not freedom, they could lead to broken bones. The doctor does need to be in on this.

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