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so far so good..



the antidepressant seems to be working for Dan.... OH GOD I pray it does... I just want a life.. and i believe Dan does to although he isent sure how to accept himself........ but this med ( zoloft) seems to be working ...... and having michel here has been very valuable.......right now they are cuddleing LOL ( really we have a dual adjustable bed and michel is in the bed all the way up as is dan and they are watching a movie...it is comical but it brings a smile to my face....Michel was my daughter erikas boyfriend in high school.. they broke up a few years ago but since the stroke michel has come back into all our lives, yep looks like him and erika are getting back together..... Michel has always been a pseudo son to us..... i speak to him as i do my own , luckily at age 22 now he doesent need discipline, but he can be a mouth.... he is very protective of dan...... dan has been going out and playing blackjack.... one of his only recreations that michel discovered and dans speech lady is on board with it... it covers a lot of area, thinking, engaging, socialization... we do not play when big timers are playing .. dan only plays dollar chips , and if there are serious gamblers we dont play, so with michels assistance i- we have spent more time in a bar in the last month than we have our entire marriage.... we never were party people and maybe went to a bar once a year at the most.. and when the kids were little never.. couldnt afford a babysitter for 4 kids.... and sleep and work were the priorities... now i am working on talking with dan about weston-- and how important he is to me.. and how he needs to tolerate him -- he is ours.. and will grow out of the whining that 2 yr olds do... so we are doing well.... and man i hope i havent written this to soon and put my foot into my mouth, and will be having a foot sandwich in a few days ( or hours) never know, things with dan change so quick.... thanks everyone for all you support and kindness........... Nancyl


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he was on / still is on lamictal a drug used for both seizures and moods stabilization.. we have added this to the mix and its sorta a miracle he takes it as he pill counts everything so we trade off his gabapentin for it each night....

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Bob started on citalopram in a few days after his stroke. Really, they should be on something, because the reality of how much they've lost is enough for most of them to just wish it was over. Bob still knows his problems, he's not in la-la land, it just makes him feel better about it and still willing to keep trying.

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Nancy: there are so many choices out there - just takes so long to get to therapeutic levels. Like you, I am praying you have selected the right one.


I love Dan is getting out and playing some cards. Excellent therapy and you are absolutely right, the socialization is imperative. Now he is not in his own home and can leave when he wants, but hopefully he will be less likely to act out since he is at his "club" LOL


Sit with Michael one night and try some poker-any game-around the dining room table. If cards grab him, go for it.


Oh Nancy, I will be thinking of you. Please, please keep us updated. Maybe some light, honey. Debbie

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and of course today dan has had a tough day... sleeping, like - sleeping beauty... his stomach seems to be hurting him, but since he wont talk i cant tell for sure... refuses to eat or drink but took his meds.. but once in a while we all need a down day - he is sure having one today... hoping for a better tomorrow..nancyl

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Nancy, I really hope these anti-depressant meds will be helping him. I switched to Zoloft from Celexa, and I notice a big difference. You are such a strong woman, and I admire you taking care of your husband. I have been reading your entries, and am inspired by you, and how you are keeping it together.

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