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Port appt today- with Dans surgeon



Dan had his appt today to be seen pre op for the port ( this will allow blood to be taken and Iv's to be given painlessly for Dan ) .. we wont be doing the G tube... at least now.... I learned somethings today I did not know.... So when dan goes into his cycle of not drinking,eating and taking meds.. there is a process to it. The surgeon we have has went the extra mile just as he always has for us since we met him. He explained what is happening - sorta- Dan decides not to drink - maybe a conscience decision or maybe not ( who knows with a stroke) could be because he is tired, sore throat, in a mood, what ever ... but he chooses not to drink .... and after about 2 days of this his kidneys shut down - not completely- but things - toxins in his system start to build up.. and he becomes nauseated- then he CAN NOT drink or eat because he is physically nauseated .. and you feel really really Yucky. and the kidneys continue to shut down pushing more toxins and crappy feeling just gets worse and worse.. The surgeon had done a lot of tests on dan during the lamictal coma -- and he said dan's kidney swere down to only 30 % functioning at the most acute part of his illness. and if his kidney function had not returned ( it has ) he would be on dialysis... So our game plan now? 2 days of no drink in he goes for a IV -- the doc prefers this because we want to figure ou if there is a underlying issue setting off the no drinking to begin with.. and so far the man has been the single best medical resource I have had.. and his specially is surgery.. but he cares.. so thats the key.. he has noticed things no one else has.. So we will do what he advises - and if he isent comfortable at this juncture putting the tube back in then we wont -- and since he is the surgeon and i cant do surgery , i will do as he says... LOL..... so at least i have a game plan, time line of when i should take dan in for hyderation ( IV) ... cause i never really understood how all this works together.. the nausea from the dehydration .. and maybe with the antidepressent ( new one) getting to theraputic levels the cycle will stop on its own.. or not.. who knows ..... so the port gets put in next weds. we do want it in before our planned travel on the 26 th ... dan typically does well with surgery so barring any complications we should be good to go.... well ,we will see.....You all know our crazy world....


oh and here is a fun one--- the creeper mirror neighbor finally called the cops on the dogs... they havent gotten away in a very long time... but i left the patio door open with the screen shut and somehow they managed to get it open... I was at the Dr. appt came home and seen my door wide open -- and the creeper standing looking at me as i drove up... ( this is a very large man) .. so i walk dan in to go to the bathroom. come back out and yip yip is back i let him in bring in some things from the car ... and then tag come back i let him in..., i am taking things to my car ( gonna run errands )and a cop car shows up.. so i walk over and it is a officer i knew pretty well.. decent normal person... ( not all cops are) and said got a call about my dogs? yep, anonymous ( of course) but the caller knew your address... i said yep -- i confess it was my dogs they opened the screen and got out... so then he says what kind are they ??? a pomeranian and chiauawa mix ( sp) and a mountain cur and setter mix ( looks like a adolescent lab) . the cop was like really ? i said yeh they are just little dogs---- OH he shook his head... i said were you led to believe i have vicious Pitts running around ( i like pitts but they do need the right time of master and environment- i am neither) the gave a little shake of his head to indicate that is what was called in.. So i said you see the mirror hanging on that wall of my neighbor? yep -- he said. i said, well his recliner is right kiddy corner to it so he watches me all day long.. I cant compete with that.. I have a life .. and the cop was like - Nancy, that is really creepy ... i said yes i know.. then he asked how we were doing? i said well dan has his ups and downs but we are surviving .. and he was like well see ya later... then i remembered the package i was holding in my hands as i was putting it in my car was for a girlfriend of mine who works at the police station ( it was a lia sophia order from my daughters party) .. i asked the cop if he would put it in her box at work -- saving me one errand.. so i handed that to him and he waved and said see you later.... so the gorilla AKA the creepy mirror neighbor got to see me joke and enjoy a few minuets with a former colleague and hand him some boxes ... I don't think he was satisfied... so his next approach--- my guess will be a complaint that my dogs bark to much -- to the condo board ( this is the only place he seems to get satisfaction from) but -- the reality outside of the initial bark to let me know something is afoot - out of the ordinary - they dont bark much at all... Dan with his stroke is proof of that -- no way could i still have them if they barked much - Dan just wouldnt be able to tolerate it.. i mean weston whining for 30 seconds drives him up the wall...--- something else to consider - i guess i am not being a good neighbor because the dogs - just their existence - irritate him... but here in ND a good neighbor would see the neighbors door wide open and go and shut it ... yes not everywhere would that be advised .. but here in small town ND that would still be what a good neighbor does... but the 400 lb gorilla next door would doubtfully ever thing like that... after all he would have to move from his recliner.... I am researching land and thinking about building new.... and no gorillas allowed....


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Well Nancy I hope you can discover something from this appointment for Dan to give you a better understanding of how to deal with what he has happening when he won't drink or eat. For the gorilla I hope things work out money wise where you can relocate to a More peaceful place to live with Dan, dogs, and park your car(s) where you want them and have guess and family visit without being harassed for one thing or another.


I know for a fact I couldn't take what you have had to deal with since you been there but I also know at times we have to endure until a better time comes to relocate. I been there and had to move on. I got lucky in moving into this home we got now in the early goings when we were the only house on this street now the street has filled up with homes in just 13 years. Most are active duty military people so they come and go all the time.


We will be so happy for you and Dan to visit us if you still plan on coming to Texas for a vacation this summer. I feel Dan would enjoy seeing how I get around and others worse than us get around with a smile on their faces. Even seeing all the older veterans at the VA with no care givers to push their WC around and they got no legs at all.

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Nancy: good idea on the Port A Cath - sits below the skin, barely noticeable and is only accessed when needed, so no access-devices hanging from it to catch onto things or get pulled. In time, if needed, a Home Health Nurse could access it and start the hydration and down the road, you will be trained in it.


If it can break the cycle soonest, well worth doing. And since you have a time frame to work in, you can now gauge when to take him and get the hydration going soonest, before the kidneys respond.


Sorry about the dogs. You have been so diligent and dogs are smart - as you know. give them an inch and they will take a mile or two. Bet they loved their run - LOL.


I don't know if Mirror Man knows your past work relationships, but my guess is he is thinking you bribed the Police Officer - LOL! But don't let Mirror Man force you into anything. You have not been fined or arrested. Condo Association has spoken to you, but that he all he has. Continue to be diligent with the dogs and just take care of your own dance card - you have enough on your plate. Best, Debbie

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