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Chris was discharged from the hospital yesterday (6/7/05) All tests in regards to cardiac came back normal. The cardiologist feels that it could have been stress or a panic attack - which I can fully understand due to the fact that it was his first week home. yikes.gif He did worry about everything. He was constantly worried about me and how hard this was on me.


When the cardiologist finally talked to me I explained to him that Chris has been in treatment for years for acid reflux. He said that Friday's episode could have been severe acid reflux and said that he should follow up with his GI doctor.


Today the visiting nurse came for her intake visit with Chris. My heavens what a gabby nurse. I thought she would never leave. She was talking about everything under the sun and I still had not given Chris his lunch. We never ate lunch today until 3pm. We did talk about his compulsive eating. She feels that it could be from his frontal brain damage - since he did have problems with impulse control - which is controlled now by medication and the fact that he has very poor short term memory. Also Chris cannot hold his eyes open for any length of time. I asked him today if his eyes "hurt" he said they do - but it is hard just to keep them open. I will be adding all these concerns to my list for the neurologist at our next appointment.


Finally the nursing attendant is to show up tommorrow. She/He better or I'm afraid I might lose it with the staffing company. bop.gif They have been promising that someone would be here to help right after Chris was discharged from the nursing home.


Any way - today I took it very slow and easy with Chris - tried my best to keep my tone of voice at an even keel and did all activities with him very slowly - trying to keep him very calm. I really don't want a repeat of the chest pain. So today was a good day. happydance.gif with many more to come.


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