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My week



I have not been to see my brother since I posted a week ago. I had planned on going at least once last week, but I am just too exhausted

(in every way) to make the 2 1/2 hr trip up. So I have been keeping in touch with phone calls and texts. He is growing weaker every day, but is still aware when he is awake.


Mom has been doing ok. On Saturday, the nursing home had a Mother's Day Social. I had asked them to lay mom down right after lunch, since the social was at 2, the time she usually naps. So when I got there, she was still in bed. She said she did not want to go, but I used a "guilt trip" on her. Told her I had brought clothes for her and I really wanted her to go with me. So she said ok. I got her dressed in really nice clothes and she even put lipstick on and a pretty necklace. We sat with her roomie and her family. We had crackers, pepperoni and garlic dip and iced tea or punch. Then cake. Each resident was given a little bouquet of flowers and they had a short program of 2 ladies, one speaking and one singing. It was very nice. I'll try to post a picture on here if I can. She was exhausted, so I layed her down after that.


Sunday, after church, we were invited to my daughter's house for lunch - tacos, cake and ice cream. My daughter and her family went to see mom after that. She called and was upset, mom had acted like she didn't want them there and cried most of the time. Amanda said mom actually hollered at her and told them to leave. The grandkids were with them, too. My husband and I went later, and the nurse said that mom had had a bad day. She cried alot and told them that she just found out her father had died. This is so strange and I'm wondering what is going on in her brain. Maybe she was thinking about my brother or had a bad dream. I also know that one of the residents there died yesterday and I'm wondering if the if staff was talking about it. Sometimes mom hears bit and pieces of things and then I think they get scrambled in her mind.


Anyway, when i went into her room, she was sitting alone and when she saw me she started crying. She kept saying,"I couldn't go, I just couldn't go" and then she said (in stroke talk) that she had hollered and been mean and she was so, so sorry. I tried to comfort her, I guess she thought they were going to make her go somewhere. She said, (and this was very clear)"I don't know who I think I am". She wanted me to tell them she was sorry and hoped that they would come back again. She settled down and I got her washed up and in bed. As soon as we got home, I called my daughter and told her. When I was at the home today my daughter called and talked with mom and told her, of course she would come back. It's just so hard trying to piece things together and figure out why she is really up set.


I need to tell Sue that at church yesterday, we had missionaries from Australia. They were from Queensland. It was very interesting. Australia has always been on my list of "places I would like to visit".


Hard to believe that it's almost the middle of May and yesterday and today we had snow. It didn't stick, but it is so cold. WE are all so ready for warm weather.


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Joni: there are just going to be days like that. All of the above, plus being over tired and off-schedule. Everything gets mixed up and connected, even when it has no connection. Mother's Day alone probably set her off-she understands that she is no longer the "person" she was. To all of you, of course she is, but not to herself.


You won't make any sense of it, you just go with the emotions and it is no wonder you are exhausted. But honey, you are to be commended for doing all you did, the extra visits to calm Mom down and reassure her.


My prayers and thoughts always to your brother and his family. I know that it brings him peace, somehow, that you are taking care of his Mom. Bless you, Debbie

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No, it's easy to believe because here in central Texas one day it's 40 degrees and the very next day it's in the 80's. The weather is like that every where. In some places the snow is melting and sliding into homes like a tsunami does. One day we got severe storms blowing trees down and the very next day sunshine and no wind at all.


All I can say is we have no control over what God does with the weather. My rain dances didn't work back when we had all the drought season and no rain at all. My front yard still looks awful with no grass compared to my back yard of St. Augustine grass. To buy it at Home Depot is very expensive too!


Glad mom is OK and your brother too as my prayers continue and I await your blog to hear what goes with your family members. You got a big job on your hands with your kids needing attention too! You are a very strong woman in my view! God will honor you with more time on this earth.

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