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Dans surgery for his port went well...



Dan had surgery today to put in the port.... no complications so far... he has been sleeping for the most part all day - to be expected with all he has been through... last night he had a melt down but managed to pull his way out of it.... i love it when he can do that... i had tired him out , we took our grandson and beth and her boyfriend to the zoo in bismarck// not a big zoo but good enough for us... very windy day gusts of 50 mph, but enclosed in trees it actually made for a pretty good day.. but dan got upset about bed time and just wasent understanding ---- but we went to sleep holding hands.. in the end... so hopefully he is getting it together in terms of his moods... but i have been here and done this before, just as i have been here and typed this before as well.... but i can hope and pray - he will come full circle in the crazy life of ours... the sidewalk looks good !! and works good... now i am trying to get the grass to come back -- dog urine and winter kill.... i am sure the neighbors are just abuzz about it... but again no specifc rules about it and i have put down the seed, fertalizer and mulch combo and been watering it several times a day... hey if i didnt have trouble - i would be bored ( thats what i tell myself to get me through) good day everyone..nancyl


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I'm glad to hear all went well in the surgery and the zoo day ended well. Nancy, I saw a product in the pet dept at Walmart that comes in a spray bottle (you know, like Windex) and you spray it on urine spots in the grass. I plan on getting some, as my dog pees in the same spot all the time.

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I'm glad it all went well Nancy. The day at the little zoo sounds nice, just a break and a memory made. You seem to deal better with Dan now, I hope that continues.

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Glad Dans surgery went well! Hope the port does it's job. Yea! to going to the zoo at least the weather is finally changing so that you can get him out of the house more. I know that has to help his mood it does Mike.. Keep up the good work Nancy I pray for you and Dan often. Keep the faith and all will be ok! ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) to you and Dan!!!

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Nancy: good news on Dan. Thank you for letting us know. I pray for a few down days for both of you - he resting and recovering and you having some time for yourself.


Good news on the sidewalk. I bet it is beautiful and so glad it is working out for you. I have one burnt spot in the grass just as you walk off the deck - figures. I must have filled the spreader there and too much weed and feed dropped in that spot. I am like a nut job trying to remove the dead stuff, watering, seed - LOL.


Zoo day sounded just like the perfect side trip. Good weekend. Debbie

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