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i have to say surviving because i am afraid to say we are doing G--D ... cant say it or write it .. might jinx it... Dan slips in and out of his moods, and i can deal with the in and out.. it is the staying in a mood ( always seemed to be bad ) that would get to me...

It was sad to watch him with our grandson yesterday - weston just wanted a hug.. and dan kept pushing him away.. the poor little guy just wanted a hug from his "umpa" ... but dan wasent in the mood to give him any attention... That is so heart breaking.. dan was so excited prestroke when april told us of her pregnancy.. He was even gonna take care of the baby.. so when he had the stroke - she didnt even have daycare lined up... so a loss of the stroke... no ability to enjoy the grandchild, and the grandchild of course just doesent understand... the hurt look on his face yesterday ...

Dans speech lady is quitting... that is so sad.. she has been the best resource for me for dans "neurological" issues... but she is moving on to greener pastures . Dan wont see anyone once she leaves... he had a great relationship with her. I know i can call her anytime, still. But she will switch her focus from working with older people with issues like strokes to working with children.. so after awhile she will lose her interest as she focuses on children... which is awesome for the kids -- she is a fabulous therapist... but dan is tired of all the fuss of therapy so his time was coming to a end either way...

our cars transmission went out... and now we have a loaner - impala- not stroke friendly at all..... i plan to trade the acadia for a toyota van in the next few months - watching our finances play out.. but the acadia has just been a lemon. i have extended warranty ( thank goodness) but it is in and out of the shop and that in itself is annoying.. i'm just gonna stick with my toyota brand from here on out.

my son came home to see his dad. he flew up and will drive the motor home back to MNPLS and sell it for me and dan. we really wont utalize it ... Fred - when we make it to TX (and we will) - we will fly ...

So we are moving into a sort of continuum . The port dan had put in is still doing well, no complications. maybe we wont ever need it for the purpose of hyderation - just blood draws... but i wouldnt put any money on that bet- that is just wishful thinking... we will be packing and cleaning around here - getting ready to go to NY to see Ray and Colleen ... since i have kids traveling with us this time, we will have help ( both colleen and I will) and maybe we can have a little bit of freedom... but again not a bet i would put money on... well good day - everyone have a good day.. I hope... Nancyl


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Enjoy the g--d days while they last. You deserve for it all to plateau and allow you some breathing space. You work so hard on Dan's behalf Nancy and we appreciate what you do even if Dan does not/ cannot recognise the effort or express his thanks. (((hugs))).



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Can't wait til you get here! The guys were so happy last time being together and doing so many fun things, I can't visualize it any differently this time around! Just what we need right now, after all our little downs this winter.

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It's probably already too late since your son flew down and have plans to drive the home back but had I known a sell was this close to reality for you and Dan I would have inquired about the price you wanted for it then you could have driven it to Texas and fly back to ND.


Anyway I would have had to discuss this with the wife but her choice is yes we will own another one but smaller than what we had before we bought this home.


I remember you saying the unit was smaller when you took it on the road. I been talking with George and he just purchased another one bigger and I want smaller so my wife can drive a bit probably about 40 miles and she is done for the whole trip.


I hope Dan will come around with his grand son soon I know I'm looking forward to seeing my two great grand daughters return from Japan whenever.

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I may have my timeline confused, but have you been taking care of Weston since he was born? I was thinking it was just recently that you had decided to care for a grandchild?

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fred-- if you want that vehicle we can certainly talk price, the fact the son is here is irrelevant.. you can PM me either way.. as you know i love the thing and would love for someone who could truly enjoy it to have it... research them a bit - winnebago rialta 1999 -- it's the nicer one with the leather seating for 4 in captains chairs... also i upgraded the TV so you can drive and watch live TV.... no pressure, let me know.. driving this is no different than driving a large van... an no kidding it does get 16 mpg -sometimes better but never worse.. if you want robert could drive it to the cities and george could maybe do a look over for you ..and we can make arrangements to get it to you... but again fred -- NO pressure.... and Sandy -- we had weston till he was 6 mths old - then he went to daycare and the daycares dauhter got real sick ( cancer) and so no daycare for 5 months but he is now in daycare again.. but comes often, cause he loves his umma and ummpa....

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Nancy, As a former car mechanic I can tell you that Toyota makes great cars and you will not go wrong getting one. I must also say that the Honda we bought just after my stroke has been a winner. One reason we love it is because the doors open wider than any other car we have ever seen. It made my access in and out during rehab much easier.

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George --took your advice and bought a toyota van today--- just kidding , the month of may is generally the best month for intrest rates and toyotas... so we found a acceptable deal and bought one..Toyota for us has always been pretty trouble free. and my nephew is a toyota mechanic so i have a "honest" mechanic... there certainley is lots of room in the sienna... and the wheel chair will be a piece of cake... the acadia was good that way to, but there was so much wasted space... fun fun, dan is in a pretty fair mood so we did the deal while he could be a participant in ti... the dealers were awesome, and dan negotiated as much as he could, but i had already "prepped the sales people"..so they knew the score... cause dan was only offering the 1980's prices for it.. good day for the most part - or should i say G--D day.... nancyl

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Nancy: first off I apologize for not responding sooner - you know I am under the gun at work. But now glad I didn't because so much as happened.


Bruce is very tolerant towards Izabella, but then again they don't visit as often as you see Weston. And Bruce's stroke, of course, is different. They are busy at this age and that is difficult for Bruce and Dan. Just keep explaining that umpa is not feeling well today, but he still loves his Weston.


Funny, I was talking cars this week with a close friend at work. He loves my Honda Civic-Bruce does have to watch his head getting in and out. But as George advises, the large windows are a wonderful help. But I need the Toyota truck for most everything because the WC takes up the whole Honda trunk. I am really leaning toward the Subaru.


But I think the part that makes my heart sing is you took Dan. Nancy, I don't care what his mood is tonight, inside I know he is proud and happy and feeling himself, that he contributed. Car shopping is such a guy thing! Good for you. Hope you let him treat you for dinner/lunch out.


Well done Miss!

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I miss my Subaru, best car I ever had; that's what I'll get again someday if I have the choice. But it's Toyota for now, and don't think it's dying anytime soon.

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