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without friends you're nonthing



beer.gif od old nightmares. At least in the nightmares I sort of knew what was going on and what was good and what was bad. Now the dreams are all confused interactions between me and people I haven


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Don't you think we are all mirrors of each other? We reflect and get back what we put out there, don't you think? You are a wonderful person and I for one am proud you're my friend.


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Yeah, we strokies know about each other better than most.

The feelings

The pain


We can relate.

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you chatted to me once not long after I stroked and you were very kind to me . it was just what I needed at that time. You have probably forgotten about it, but i havent.

I am not very good with words so I cant think of anything to say that will help. You have to believe you will be well and happy again. It may not be like the "old" well and happy, but new normal will bring you happiness.

I do read and care.

I wish you well


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HANG IN THERE .......My hubby gets very depressed and takes his moods out on me.. I am very sensitive and cry easily so I can not help him.. at the time ...upon reaccessing the problem I realize that it is part of stroke.... You are very lucky to be able to write like you do he will not even try to use the computer except to play solitaire,,,,, not what I know you are capable of ... I have read some of your blocs and was very impressed.... as for the depression have you tried venlafaxcine an anti depressant [Effexor ] that seems to work for him most of the time....We all care and hope that you can get the right help you need to deal with the situation.

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