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AGHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh - my new word...lol



we sent jim ) our WWII vet friend in fine fashion --- awesome man-- ..... i put my condo up for sale -- put a offer in on a new house am waiting to hear the outcome of that offer-- hoping someone doesent "cash" me out -- which is happening a lot around here right now.. either way - i will not live here any longer if i can help it... the house is perfect ---- ohhh ... no real neighbors as there is a fence all around it -- i will somehow figure out how to link it for you guys at some point or make colleen do it.. although i havent linked it to her yet... hoping not to jinx it... i can almost hear the neighbors celebrating ... not really ... just breathing a sigh of relief... as will i when the deal is accepted and done... my atty actually had to vouch for me on this.. sorta wierd but the guy 'cared about us and just wanted to know we were for real - the whole tribe came and looked " and he loved that... we share the same atty so it wasent a biggie... but when my atty called me back he said hey i called ron and told him you were the meanest person i ever met and crazy and unorganized... LOL (could be true) -- no the atty followed it up with of course i told him what you wanted me to tell him -- you are honorable, decent , smart and organized ... this all hinges on things i can not talk about at this juncture ... but in all honesty this man is a pretty neat atty ( tim) he has always given me the correct advise , and since he is also our local judge, ( municipal court) i knew him for the Jail .. and then with all dans stroke stuff... i was organised then, but now -- NOT SO MUCH...but to have tim our atty say such nice things was wonderful - a gift , given my reputation around crazy - condo land... where the wheelchair can be heard but not SEEN... this is a handicap accessable building , just not handicap friendly... but i am still pluging along dan is feeling better, did well at the funeral ( we brought gifts up) for the funeral mass.... now if this dan could just stay for awhile i will be so happy !! not much else -- surviving.. tag is doing so well, he is loving the retraining- he is even back to smiling at me... love the dog and he will love our hopefully new home... the last condo here that went up for sale sold in 6 days - cash sale.... here is to hoping i get a equally - sweet deal, but since it is us -- it will be all messed up... living the dream, living the dream... not !! nancyl


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It's beautiful, but I'm wondering about a few things. Am I seeing it right? It appears to be more like a 2 story, as the walk out basement is actually like floor one with a lot of regular living space in it? How will that work if people are down there and he can't get there?

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Dan can walk down staircases like no one's business: That's never an issue with him. This house is so perfect for the whole family, I am very happy for Nancy. She deserves this house.

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Nancy, I'm another happy camper for you and Dan to get in a place you can feel better being in and more like a home you had before. This is good news, in fact great news to me knowing you will not have to continue being confronted by the neighbors you got.


I have to give it to you...You took it much longer than I would have and I'm sure Dan will enjoy the move too and could become a better survivor in the right home setting where his dogs can run at will.


Let us know when the deal is final!

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I can see why you might want to move...you need less work and that's a lot of walking and work. Good luck - it's a beautiful home.

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we will need to build a 2 step up ramp for the just in case... and the down stairs he virtually never use... but as colleen said he can do steps with one on one... as does ray --- it is the one ray ges his exersize no matter what --- but yes i am so excited...

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