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a win - and," i aint no chicken"-- but i wish mine would poop on your lawn LOL



ok not YOUR lawn ..... but i got the bid i will be outta here mid sept. -- i am happy. but i also know my happisness is based on a material gain at this moment... so i went all pagen on all my fellow condo people and "rented" a chicken - rooste,r actually to boast about my leaving their fine establishment.. ( colleen ) will post my chicken picture... the darn thing is HUGE about 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide.. and UGLY... he is on my lawn , he spent the night and will be picked up later this AM... after all have had a chance to think - what in the heck is wrong with that lady.... i wish i could have found a ostrich with its head in the sand, that would represent this place perfectly ... but this was the only UGLY thing the guy had... he is set up here in town selling cement look alike statues.. some huge, some small - they are cast in aluminum so very study but not cement heavy... i seen this and thought i am goona ask the guy if i can rent this chicken just to -" passivley aggressively" *beep* my neighbors off. so i did, cause i follow through...i just wish the darn thing could poop on their lawns... LOL ---------- so i will be a busy gal for a while and then i am outta here, and as most of you see, i have plenty of room so if anyones to come for a visit they sure could... ray and colleen will probably come about the time we move so i can put colleen to work organising my kitchen... lol


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Looking forward to that trip! Don't envy the task ahead of you though. I'll be glad to link the photos after I add them to my gallery first. I lost my signature picture trying to change it though, so let's see if I can do it this time.




OK I cheated, the two photos are at the end of the Bermuda photo album. Nancy this would make a great icon for you!

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I believe "pagan" is the wrong term....rural would be better. I think your rooster is cute! My 'lawn' has a toilet planter on (in) it - maybe you could try that. lol

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Well, the "rent a rooster" must have eaten my earlier comment. I am still laughing. Nancy, only you could think of something like this.



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LMBO!!!!!! I saw this earlier on FB and thought it was so dang funny!!!! You are right Sandy that would be hilarious if it could speak like that! Glad to hear you are getting out of there Nancy, too bad the neighbors are to nose up to realize what beautiful people you and Dan are. They really missed out on gaining a wonderful friendship. BUT I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ROOSTER!!!!!

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Love it! Nancy, he was just perfect. I will tell you honey, that picture Colleen posted - that was a pretty spot. I am so sorry it was just NOT the spot.


The new home is just gorgeous. And yes, Colleen will get that kitchen in tip top order. Don't envy you the move, but if all works out, so be it.


Please do give Dan a kiss and hug from Bruce and I and yes, will certainly consider the visit. Debbie

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i havent talken to my former co worker /partner in a long time... he immediately seen my social experiment and "called it correctly " --- all i can say is i feel truly bad for those who actively participated in making me feel bad-- i feel like we were the old ladies last chance ... but her heart is to hard and cold, she cut her own family out of her world 7 years ago grand children and all .. why -- money /land like we can take an of that with us...she is all veneer... .. this move will be good for us... .. i think god put us here for a season, but he is delivering us ... I hope - no more tests....

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Beautiful new home, Nancy! I hate that you have been placed in the position of needing to leave. However, some of these neighbors have created way more stress than you need. Best of luck in the transition! Your chicken cracks me up! :)~~Donna

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I agree with Donna above, sorry you encountered so much frustration there but life goes on for you and better too in your new home. You know the saying, "God bless the child that got his own".


Another couple years and my home will be all mine when the bank's name is removed from the title deed thank God.


No more home purchases for us that I know about. I got to see how it feels to save that much money a month for a few years. Maybe God will bless us to finally have a saving account and not one credit card or car payment.

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the lil ole lady --- is a vey in shape concerned type of lady -- always perfetly groomed, herself and her lawn, her car, her home... everything is perfect ... everything that she can control is perfect... enter LIFE - ours we have shaken her world up.. but i think and i am really projecting -- but this lady hasent talked to her family since her husband died 9 yrs ago .. fight about money, land, -- who knows but she cut her kids out of her world along with her grandkids .. no one ever visits except her sister .. she walks around her yard with a sissors( to cut those nasty long rogue grass strands) at times... ... she plays like she is the sweetest thing but she is not -- she is a sour women, bitter.. her favorite "trick" is a old cell boss trick -- go around befriend everyone - find their secrets, week spots, be their friend.. UNTILL one of 2 things happen - you the victim *beep* her off - she bites you ... or someone else *beep* her off and she bites them.... but she wont bite like a normal snake... she gets others to nibble you down ... she will litterally go door to door with her agenda issue... example ( true) another lady moved in , same time i did... older lady -- she wanted to set her pillos out on her deck to air them out .. and hang a line to hang out things to "freshen them" - old school thinker... she went to my viper neighbor and ASKED if she could , yes the viper said.. then the vipre couldnt "stand" to look a the line... so she went to each of the condo owners and ever so kindly pointed out it was against - the condo rules... now the viper admitted to approving it intially , but changed her mind ( she is the condo president_)) so she went around and had every one ( shamefully including myself before i figured out all the players) and had the vote already stacked.... so the line went down and the old lady has to lay her pillows on her garage floor and open the door to freshen them.... now this is a ND rural area condo - NOT the HAMPTONS or BEVERLY HILLS... that is a example of the viper lady and her MO--- ( mode of operation) this game has played out several times .. same with my sidewalk.. voted yes - later told they changed their mind... ( but i didnt just fold i said nope- i WILL have my side walk ) and threatened with the ADA... I would be the new "cell boss" if i chose - but i am to busy to play high school or jail house games.. so i will just go , it is better for my family and my own mental health... By the by - she called the cops on my dogs.... immmm HER dog sits unleashed ALL the time but is to fact to run... so she picks and chooses her rules... She has a "borderline personality" -- which in short means -- they friend you , then the second you don't do their bidding they turn on you with such inappropriate behavior and visciousness that they cross over borders ( the last part is my interjection) ... I feel we where her last chance as a chrisitan she proclaims herself to be - to mabey put the mouth part of chrisitan love and forgivness and empathy into action.. she talks the talk but cant walk the walk... but it is my own projection and i am just as guilty as her of projecting and judging ( her) so by moving i am removing myself from the temptation to engage with her in inappropriate lady like behaviors.... if i decided to give her my "full" attention - she would really have something to talk about -- that chicken - is grade school -- high school woulda sucked if i schooled her... 20 years in corrections really - most of you know a chicken was the least i coulda done... -- NO more neighbor gossip ( i hope ) but unless it is positive or way, way dumb.. i will not engage and feed my own craziness.... after all i will be outta here soon !! nancyl

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ah... the condo president.... probably the same lady about the sprinklers. If she already knew that clothes line was against the rules.... it's more like she set the lady up for a bullying game later. So many things are against the rules in those types of areas.

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