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I have been up since 3am. I did not fall asleep until 12am. I got in bed at 9:30 but it took me forever to get to sleep because I was trying to fall asleep wearing the splint. I remember taking it off before I finally fell asleep.) I had usual weird dreams but suddenly as I was laying on my back, I felt like I couldnt move. I began to panic and scream trying as hard as I could to move my body.

Finally I woke up and went to the bathroom. I cant remember the dreams. I really wish I could because I remember they felt so real and it was like I knew something bad was about to happen.


Was this just sleep paralysis? Was it a night terror? Was is a nocturnal seizure? I am very thankful I was delivered from seizures after the surgeries but these nocturnal seizures are the worst. When I was a kid I just got a headache, felt nauseous, spit til I thought I was going to throw up, and it was over. Now the memory loss, convulsions, soreness, etc is just so much worse. Its like Im possesed by a demon or something.


I just cant figure out what is triggering it. I ate 3 meals yesterday, took my medicine, and was not sleep deprived. I know some of you said it could be diet and i know lack of sleep and stress can trigger parasomnia but like I said in my last post I see no correlation between my diet and the seizures and I've been trying to go to sleep before 12 and not taking daytime naps because it seemed like staying up late/waking up early and taking a nap had a correlation with the nighttime seizures. The only thing that has changed about my diet is I have not eaten meat (only seafood) in over a year so I guess I could have some kind of vitamin or protein deficiency? I really think I need a sleep study/ EEG though. If I were just having seizures I would be worried but since they only happen at night or as soon as I wake up (knock on wood) I cant help but think they have something to do with my sleep. The ONLY correlation Ive noticed is the nighttime seizures happen when Ive laid in bed all day or took a nap. I cant remember having one on nights after I've been out all day. But I primarily remember them happening on days when I dont leave the house and just lay in bed all day (like yesterday)


I just dont understand why this crap did not start until I bought my dream car, moved out on my own, and started working my first permanent job. What did I do to deserve this? Like my life wasnt already difficult enough. Well guess I need to get ready for work before I accidentally fall back asleep and have another episode. Im so tired now


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Just guessing but, could your seizures or dreams of paralysis be a subconscious or superconscious expression of how you feel deep down? Maybe you feel trapped?

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Katrina :


I pray you get answer to your troubles, though I also feel you should think only positive things & not think or worry about seizures, maybe thinking about it all the time is causing it?



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Maybe a sleep study is needed at this time. The VA gave me the study and a machine then later on said I didn't have to use it all the time so I don't. It keeps my wife awake with me still snoring she says.


I sure don't know what it is or was you asked that is causing these problems for you trying to get some sleep at night. Check with a dietitian if possible they can tell you more about your diet proteins and diets best for you and your body size.


You know I think by you having a stroke at such a young age and not getting the proper instructions to deal with recovery it didn't help you to cope with having a stroke. Now years later you still have the feelings to hide who you are and what happened to you so long ago. Keep working at recovery in your upper body since you been walking without help for a long time.

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Ray had a three day sleep study, it might do you good too. They monitored everything, and if sleeping during the day triggers something, they will tell you to do that beforehand too. No use guessing at this point; I know you're overwhelmed but gather what strength you have and demand some answers!

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