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Breathe II



had a good time with my friend, and held that wonderful baby.. Beautiful and perfect , except he would not breathe until it was to late -- 15 min no oxygen ... brain stem will not take the commands to swallow, eat ..ect... ironically the only thing he can do spontaneously is breathe .. but his brain is like a motherboard , and although the body would grow( and we are talkng ounces) the motherboard does not , making the baby suseptable to pneumonia, /// so sad, but what a beautiful baby.... my friend and i spent time shopping and walking and talking... slumber party at a hotel ( her and i ). my friends life is parrelling mine. like my mom- her mom fell and broke her neck yesterday.... but her mom ( like mine) could walk and talk.. and insists my girlfriend stay with her daughter to be there..... moving on.. life it dont stop for anyone...nancyl


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WOW Nancy as if you didn't already have conditions with Dan then visit your friend and all hell seems to have broken loose but like you said, "that's life it don't stop for anyone until their time comes!"


Sorry you had to be there when so much was going on but that's why we all have friends for comforting each other at times like this.

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How hearbreaking that must be for your friend to see her baby in such a condition everyday. And then to have a double whammy with her mom. My prayers go out to her. Good to have a friend like you for support.

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I am so honored to have been there with her-- god has a plan and as tiny of a speck of dirt that we are --- we all have a path and apparently mine is set ( no surprise)-- i will just continue as i am , and be there for her... sadly we are parrelling each other , but god knew when he made us friends years and years ago - what would and will transpire.. friends for a reason, or a season or a lifetime -- guess we are a lifetime ... nancyl

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