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hmmm life...



well it is summer and breakneck speed is the speed i am in - of course...

but trying to be grandma , wife , mother is difficult under the best of circumstances. add stroke to the mix and 24/7 caregiving and whew!!

I am just happy i have been able to do all this even for a short while.. and my friend is still grappling with her daughter and her daughters loss... the baby hasent passed yet, but will soon... waiting for "that sad word"

i have another friend -( well she was older than me) who has had her difficulties.. she recently went deaf. and no health insurance , has applied for disability was approved , but since she works and her husband works she earns to much to get any medicade or emergency medicare ( she needs to wait the 2 years to get the medicare) -- but despite all her door knocking not one organization has helped her. ticks me off... she can read and write- is almost blind and now is deaf... but she works , so lets NOT help her continue working - lets punish her FOR working... I KNOW THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR RIGHT !!

i bought her a ipad mini , keyboard and a app card... so her husband daughter and herself are working on a system - which given the ipads capabilities will be easy... but the program will allow, - say someone like myself to talk into the ipad and it will translate to the spoken word for her.. and i know the thing can allow for all kinds of other things to ... so if anyone has info on any programs or thoughts for the ipad and deaf applications let me know ...

the IV- ing of Dan for hyderartion and to rid the virulant bladder infection is going well. I finally do not feel so alone... it has been so scarey with no plan. now there is a system .. and he is doing much better.. still the same stroke issue but at least not coupled with a irrational, dehderated person with bladder infection dementia ( for lack of a better term) .. now the nurse from the hospital calls and checks on us every coupe days and if dan is drinking they wont come, but if he is not they come and iv him ( via port)


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I'm happy Dan is getting help for his condition with the IV working for him and help is coming in when/if needed. I'm also glad you friend got the help she needed too. I hate to see or hear of anyone having to suffer in life when they can be helped.


Nancy, you may have to search the net on the deaf apps, I bet they are available for a price like the speech equipment for those not able to talk good.

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Nancy: good news on Dan and the Nursing help. I only pray he will respond better to strangers.


Please do let us know about the trip East and the benefit. Such a great cause and you are to be commended for supporting it.


You know I can't help you with the Ipad - have no clue. But I do know there are many here who can. Best, Debbie

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Nancy, I wish they would do the same thing for mom. She has had quite a few uti's since being in the home. I can always tell, but getting them to listen and then waiting for the dr. to return calls for an order - frustrating. She has just finished another course of Macrobid. She had an iv for the first couple of days, can see the difference so fast when that gets flowing. I've had a very frustrating month with the facility, I'll blog about it later.

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