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another seizure ( we are out of schedule now) and i sold the condo



well the condo was on the market officially for about a week -- sold ,asking price, no appraisal cash sale... i guess that chapter is closing... wont be able to make it to the benefit the baby still has not passed and with my anemia i can only manage one stressfull event at a time and fly -- not to mention when i am anemic i have CRAZY legs.. so a flight would not be a lot of fun.. but will go soon... they have benefits fairly often so i can push it off a bit... or just send a check... dan had a seizure tonight.. rethinking his med levels.. now that he is actually hyderated his level might need to be bumped up.. will need to talk to neurology... but last attempted titration up started off a whole host of issues soooo, i will have to think and research... hey at a rummage sale i found a little wooden cut out saying -- JUST BREATHE it is small ,so i put it on the dash of my van... a reminder... and speaking of the van the retro fit seat should be getting done soon... waiting for a phone call from them...


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Nancy, good news on the sale. But the two health issues - yours and Dan's, moving, etc., etc., you need that sign! Just Breathe!


Take care and best wishes,


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I am so crabby today - didnt want to start a blog about it so i will just "addendum " here... it seems like everytime i ask someone to do something for me they can't "right" then. like check dans wheel chair all the screws and bolts ect... nope errands come first, can you pick up the dog poop - - "yep soon as i get back", never happens so i end up doing it... i feel i always get back burnered.. which actually creates more issues than as if i was just told no-- cause then i ma left to remember for a second time the task to be done. and wonder - did it or didn't it? -- i hope by putting this in writting i will feel a little better and not blow up on someone today.... just a case of to much, to fast, to little help , to much to do, to much to think about... and -try like the person at a carnival to hit the hedgehog on the head that pops up--the two things i cant forget is the constant maintainence of dans health and my own ... even poor dan irritates me today -- his OCD is really bugging me today.... what a crab huh--- warned you !! even tried to hide it... lol -- hope everyone else has a good day. nancyl

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Good for you problem solved with the condo, now for Dan I pray things turn out with the meds and all. Take a break if possible!

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You know, Debbie's mention of how no one understands what we have to go through made me think: Everyone's probably avoiding helping out because you left them with your life for a few days, and now THEY'RE burned out. They have walked in your shoes and are surprised to find it's not as easy as you make it look!

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Nancy: you just have so much going on right now. Sort by priority - YOURSELF first and you just have to let some stuff go because you are going to be all out for the next couple of months.


Oh crabby days - my favorite - LOL. Had a crabby weekend couple of weeks ago. Even Kira got in my way! LOL. But I was able to hole up in the upstairs bedroom for two hours, shower, reading, some lady stuff. All the windows open, browsed through some of my favorite catalogs. Just time out. But two hours for you right now is precious time, I know. Take a walk with the puppies or just sit on the patio and enjoy a cup of coffee. Regroup.


Wonderful news on the sale and yes, just breathe! Debbie

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finally went to the doc.... had to go to the walk in -- took 3 hours... crazy.... complete blood work -- 10.2 for hemoglobin - must be at 9.9 to do a transfusion --- so crap... but hey think i have a virus, my white cell count was up but no evidence of bacteria... i am keeping my reg date with my PC on friday ( unless i am at the funeral) my reg. doc knows me much better... hmmmmmmmm. i am having ( legal) valium sprinkle sunday tonight ( a take off of face book) trying to get to sleep - so far not good... but hey worth a try.... good day -- nancyl

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it was a face book post about some sort of sweat

alchohol drink with wipped topping and valium sprinkles.. made me laugh.. wish i could order one of those...

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Sounds like that concoction may kill you with enough time. If it don't the Valium won't let you know about it anyway.

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up and down we / they go ----- lol ///// right now dan is down again , home health comes in and will iv him...... arghhh -- embarrassing,and time consuming... it is what it is !!

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dan will unfortuanatley most likely need to be without me for a few days again... my girlfriends grandchild is most likely not going to make it through the night.. i wont go right away, but in a day or two.... i had palnned to take dan with but his ups and downs - to risky leaving the area- where we have good , solid, consistant care.. and i want to be ther for my girlfriend - not just in body but in spirit as well... dan will be just fine here..... but i will see what the next coming days bring..

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Thinking of you, Nancy. It's hard to be needed in so many places at once. I'm glad you've worked out a way to be with your friend and get help for Dan while you're gone. I'm sure your presence will be a comfort for your friend. ~~Donna

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Oh Honey, I am so sorry. But if there is a peace, so be it. Yes, leave Dan where he is at and comfortable. Let the home care come in and do their thing. Kids will be there to help out. But you need to be where you feel it is best.'


Still know I am praying for all of you. Debbie

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