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dans health and mine - mirror



dan does good i do good -- dan does not do so good neither do I... I can hold it together and get through the crisis situation - but then i fall.... my hemoglobin fell .5 pts in one day... down to 9.7 and now it is my turn for a uti. and my BP/ Deb your gonna love it ----- 70/58 at first they though everything was broke.. i laughed-- i knew - been here done this...... so monday - recheck of my hemoglobin - if still below 10 then transfussion and maybe the b/p will follow... 70/58 would have most people passed out - but i am a tuff old bird... or a dumb old bird... LOL have a good weekend everyone... nancyl


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I'm glad to hear you are getting proper care, and testing. I don't know if I've missed it or you haven't said. Have you moved yet? Still moving? Not started moving?

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Gracious. How you still do all the caregiving tasks with that blood pressure and low hemoglobin I'll never know! You are tough. If the transfusion is needed, I hope it gives you more energy as well as an increased BP. Lauren has been having episodes of his BP dropping that low after he gets his meds. I'm working on it with his doctor but it makes him very weak and he doesn't think as clearly (an area we have no room to decline in!) For Lauren, though, he can just lay down and sleep it off--no work or obligations he has to attend to. Take care. ~~Donna

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the new house closes on the 17 th of sept -- the condo on the 15th of oct... we will move pretty quick - since we purged so much stuff last year the moving wont be to tough .... the condo - i will let the new people move in as soon as we are out... oct 15 in ND -- we COULD have a foot of snow by then --- or NOT -- we just never know .. it could also be 85 degrees out -- ND winters they are so unpredictable even as to when they start or end...lol

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i always have low B/P - crazy, crazy low but usually this is a post medication ( painkiller after surgery type low) -- although once after surgery i had a BP off 58/40 scared the crap out of the nurse -- who was like , quick lay back down.. and i was like - no i just have to move and it will increase and it did... i always to to warn people when ever i have any procedure done this can happen... i personally have no idea how i function - i guess i have had it so long - I just do... but the hemoglobin for me factoring in as well is a problem... and that always has a correlation of dans health - i follow by a period of time with my own health issue --- i can get through the crisis.. but pay the piper later.... lol

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well, it is good that you don't have such a major move this time, it will make things a little easier - although moving is never a piece of cake! Nerves for sure. I wonder.... I used to have really low blood pressure, and found if I ate a dill pickle everyday, it became more normal. Salt is not good for high blood pressure, because it causes you to hold more fluid in your veins, so it goes higher. But with low blood pressure, I just felt flat, like my veins were only half full to start with! With the pickle, the salt made me feel more normal. Don't need that trick anymore, though, I'm old now, and no longer twig like :(

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Nancy: I will not lecture you - yet again! - on pushing the envelope. You are shuffling so many things right now and do so need to be on the top of your game. This has to be a priority.


Bruce too has very low blood pressure - heredity for him. I used to bring him to test my EMT students. You have seen the size of him. Poor guy, everyone would pump the cuff up to 200. By the end of the night, his arm was blue and numb. But he - and you - are perfect examples of the need to do a proper blood pressure reading without the new machines. Neither you or Bruce would even register on them. But I digress. That being said, you know you are going to be below 10, so just get over to the old blood bank and geterdone. No delays, no excuses. Please check in. Debbie

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i probably am going to have to forgo the funeral - which is to bad , but on the other hand - i plan to send the money i would have spent going to the funeral - gas, hotel ect.. and they can use the money - they of course had insurance but - with the tragedy that happened this is breaking the bank for these young kids... and i am more close to wendy than her kids in reality.. and with so much going on i will not really be a factor... but will be in assembeling the pieces for wendy later... so i will stay and regain my strenght - i have yet to tell wendy - and if i hear in her voice she needs me than hands down i will go... but i feel pretty confident my most important support trip to her was already done 2 weeks ago.. and in the future... so i will take care of me first so i can take care of others later...lol nancyl

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