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this is the story of my strokes. in jan of 2012 I had been walking 2 4mile walks per day which in the past would have been no problem. however during the end of December I noticed both that I was getting kind of tired after my second walk and that I was tending to drift to the left near the end of the walk. on jan4 during my second walk it started to snow and the last 2 miles was in 3 or 4 inches on the road(we have gravel roads and are typically plowed after the storm is over). the veering to the right was getting bad and during the last 1/4 mile after every 2 steps I was facing left. the I was also very tired at this point. I did get home and sat and seemed ok after a while. went to bed and at 2am woke up and realized that my right arm was different than my left. I could still pick up a pencil but it took concentration similar with writing. also playing my drum was off with this hand. went back to bed and hoped that it would go away when I woke up (like a bad dream) but it didn't. cat and mri's found stroke. I was kind of fatigued at first but after 2 or 3 weeks I was able to do 2 mile walk once. and after that I was very tired and 2 days later had my second stroke, this one affecting my left leg.--this one not present on mri. the fatigue effect of my second one was rather large. again I could walk -- left arm not affected but with slight impairment. but could only walk to the end of my driveway -- 100 ft -- without extreme tiredness in both legs setting in after the exercise. this lasted for about 6 weeks and then fatigue lifted and I was gradually able to increase my walking to 4 or 5 miles once a day. went on in this manner until this july when I extended my walk to 7 miles with the last mile being up a good sized hill. was again getting pretty tired from this extension and 3 weeks after I started coming home from the walk I noticed difficulty in walking somewhat like before but not as intense. again after getting home was not super but ok. kind of funny but when I lay down to sleep I thought for the first time in a year and a half that I may have overdone it and be in stroke territory. I was!! about 2 am I woke up to go to the bathroom and noticed that the tip of my index finger was kind of numb. a couple hours later I noticed that the tip of my thumb was also numb. by the end of the following day my left arm and leg were damaged. several days later cat found stroke. I am now two weeks in post stroke and fatigue is intense. my 2 or 3 walks are to the end of drive and in late afternoon and evening both legs feel very heavy like there is a little lead somewhere there. compared to most others on this forum I am only slightly affected and am continuously inspired at their stories of acceptance along with a determination to improve. i'm sorry for the length of this but I wanted to write my story for me and to be available for anyone. thank you for reading these ramblings! david


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David, don't be sorry for sharing your stroke story or for the length. That is what blogs are for - to share or vent or whatever. Writing it in a blog is like a therapy to me.


You have had a lot of strokes and come out of them fairly well. The walking you did to keep fit probably helped keep them from being more severe. Take it easy though. You can always work up to the miles you did later. I wish my spouse had your motivation.


Julie, caregiver to Larry, stroked 2/5/10

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thank you Julie, the walking may have kept them from being more severe or it may have in fact as I suspect caused them. the motivation is easy - endorphins, it calms me when I can walk. the take it easy is important for me and will perhaps keep me from damaging me further. again thanks for your thoughts an my regards to larry. david

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David :welcome to best online stroke support group. I am glad you are doing better in your recovery. Stroke recovery is long process.



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David,The good thing is you survived the strokes. I tell myself that daily. It wasn't your time to go!!

I think i'll start telling my self that daily too.
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David :welcome to best online stroke support group. I am glad you are doing better in your recovery. Stroke recovery is long process.Asha


this is a very good bunch of people and people who understand. thank you asha

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David: nobody here rambles more than I do - I call it my rant, but still the same - LOL.


Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it makes it easier to respond when we get the story from the individual. You have a great amount of help and support here, so please do continue to share your journey. Debbie

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David thanks for sharing. The one thing that seems to keep coming up, is you seem to be in a situation where when things begin to go bad, you have to finish what you are doing and can't get help. Do you carry a cell phone and ID? Please recognize that stroke symptoms should not be let go and 'worked thru'.

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sandy, thankyou for ur words of support. I have reached the place where I am taking the meds that dr prescribed, eating well and taking it easy. thus I am doing all that is recommended to do to avoid another stroke. i can do nothing else. it in other words is out of my hands and i accept that. and i may get another tonite or the next or in the next month or year. and i will endure and adapt but not to feel guilty or responsible for the future events. david

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