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Don't know if it is a good idea.......



Well call me crazy but I have decided to buy myself a motorcycle!!! Mike has been missing riding sooo much lately so we decided to go out to the bike trailer and get Babe cranked so he could hear her. Well this led to him sitting on her and trying to reach the clutch which he has not been able to do since the stroke. Low and behold he could do it!!! Now he is all fired up about riding again! He still has a long way to go before he can ride but he is working on it. He goes out there everyday and practices stretching his arm and opening his hand to pull the clutch. Granted it is not very graceful when he does it but he is getting better at it! We have a good friend that has a small Harley that he bought from his sisters estate and wants to sell it so we have decided it would be a good size for me. Mike nor myself feel comfortable with me riding with him on the back so I have got to learn to ride by myself! Our hopes are that by next summer you will be seeing pics of our rides together! This is the first REAL commitment he has made toward exercising his arm in a long time, I just hope it works. If it doesn't and he never rides again then oh well we will have two motorcycles to sell!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!


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He found his reason - to get better.... the pit doesent feel so deep it you can see a way out... now he has to "do the work" but he has his goal... horray !!!

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Cindy: good news. Please, please be careful and get some good training - you are all he has. You have to be safe. In the meantime - rock on. All it takes is that one thing to grab them. Terrific! Debbie

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You know I had a MC license since 1988 but this last renewal time I went to the drivers license office to get my drivers license renewed and this lady came out the back office and said she had to take my MC off my license until I could pass the test again later if I wanted them back to ride a MC again.


She said the way I walk and hold my left arm/hand I was paralyzed and should not try to ride a MC again no time soon.


I can get my license renewed on line but every four or five years you have to do it at the local office and get a new picture taken too in Texas.

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