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Be Safe This winter!



Our heat went out a few weeks ago so we had to have someone come fix it. He said our unit is getting quite old and we should really think about getting it replaced before next season. He also reminded us that it is very important to have a Carbon monoxide detector in our house seeing as how we heat with gas, thanks to Nancy now I didn't have to buy one! He was telling us how easy it is to be poisoned without even knowing it is happening, really got me worried there for a little bit. So now my detector is up and no signs of poison in the air here!! So now for all of you out there, make your home a safe one put up smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors if you heat with gas! It may save you and your families life one day!!! Have a great day everyone!


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Cindy :


yes it is, & don't forget to change batteries in your smoke detectors. our smoke detectors saved us from fire which started in basement while we were sleeping in our bedroom in second floor. Those smoke detector went off at middle of night & saved us from fire which could have not been preventable had hubby was not able to put out before it got out of hand. so working smoke detectors & CO detectors r lifesavors.



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LOL of all things !!! to have sent you with things to try ( supplements) for hubby... glad you got use.... to funny !! but not, as you said they are important - the new house has it as part of the security system .... smiles and hugs !!

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That is a great thing to have. But now here is a humorous story to keep in mind. We once had these gas detectors - for all kinds of gas, because anything burning will emit a gas and it is detected before the actual fire. So, we had the family over to Thanksgiving, and one of the guest made an unfortunate... uh.... toot. We all pretended we didn't hear it, but the jig was up when the blaring gas detector went off. At that point, there was no hiding it, so I just said, "stinker alarm, everyone hold your nose!" It was one of those family things that was do-able, because of who they were, and we were laughing so hard, we almost couldn't get back to eating. So, ha, ha, you might want to test it out for that, so you don't think every 'gas' is a danger. Ours even went off when I poured water on the dry dog food or made toast. Maybe yours won't be triggered by EVERYTHING like that one, but now you know to find out before panicking.

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the other aspect of winter is the ice and walking and falling. I put my cleats on even if i'm just going to the car as my porch and steps can have ice. you don't want to fall and then say I should probably have had my cleats on.



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We got smoke detectors all over the house with everything being electric and I do all thebattery changing myself at Christmas time. You may think I'm crazy but I had them put in the garage and the hot water heater cubicle too!


I got lots of stuff stored in the garage on shelves, some are chemicals needing air I put a ceiling fan in there too!

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Cindy, thanks for the reminder of changing the batteries on the smoke detectors. We usually do it when DST changes and it completely slipped by me this time. I also have a carbon monoxide detector. We can't be too safe.



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