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YUCK and ouch



well it is officially NOV. , and we both have a stomach bug... ( personally i think we are both reacting to the flushot we got earlier this week) but we both have diarrhea ... now for me i can "run " to the bathroom, dan can't... so we are entertaining.. Dan is depressed and feels bad ( we have a bedpan) but that isent working so good either, poor guy is so embarrassed... it really doesent bother me , but i found a bedsore on his "bum" from all the irritation from washing and wiping.. hoping that doesent grow into a bigger problem... and i have to miss my brothers 60th birthday party - i just cant do it... I have family in from CA and CO ( the lucky suckers have to stay with us) . So they are all in our old hometown for the party and i and dan are stuck home with this bug... i was thinking of going but, ummm decided, no... better safe than sorry.... dan has been hooked up to his IV since yesterday - decided just to keep a slow run of fluid to him, since we have a slow run out...hopefully everyone else is doing OK... it is NOV for us and apparently like last year at this time it means a stomach bug.... YUCK


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I got my Flu shot too but no bug yet and I'm really starting to feel like my old self again. That Pneumonia scared the heck out of me and now It is long gone so say the after x-rays last week!


Get well quickly both of you or November will be gone!

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Nancy: such a shame. Do enjoy your family as best you can. And you too need hydrating so be sure you are paying attention to that.


So sorry honey. With everyone in to enjoy the festivities and your new home. Lots of room. Do try to fit some fun time in. And take care. Debbie

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I well remember those days when Ray got it from Daycare and I got it from Ray, whether it was the tummy bug or the chest infection. Now I avoid crowded places when those things are going around and I am fine.


Hope you are over it soon and you can enjoy the family company, sorry though that you had to miss out on going to your brother's party, that is such a shame. Hope you and Dan are soon back to full health.

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Guest hostwill


mY DAUGHTER,tRINA, A PLEBOTAMNIST, SAID THE FLU VACCINE IS TERRIBLE THIS YEAR AND REFUSES, as I do, to not take it. I never get the flu, possibly because I've had so many shots in the military to prevent most illnesses. One can hope anyway.


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So sorry you missed your brother party. I do not take the flu shot. The one time I did, I was so sick. my husband who gets a shot every year, always gets the flu, then he gives it to me. I drink lots of fluids, and take alka selker. Works like a dream.


You and Dan get well soon


God bless



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