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slice of our life... better and worse..



I never know who is gonna wake up for the day... Dan or stroke Dan.. Dan can be sorta fun ( and luckily i have seen him a bit more lately ) but stroke dan is a wild card.... yesterday he decided he wouldnt come in the house.. he was gonna clean garage.. which he did, then he washed the car,which he did... PLEASE dont think the man can just do this stuff alone mind you... sweeping means i move things - everything - over and over again.. and i have to sweep up the "sweepings" and dispose... still i dont mind.. and cleaning the car entails him taking a spray bottle and towel and doing a dry wash.. which is harder on the car than just not washing it ( scratches it)... but again makes him feel useful. and it is just a piece of equipment.. and i always try to choose "feelings" and humanity over a piece of metal...but again i am in and out of the garage a million times checking him... yes i have the camera but still, and then their is the holler -- of---- HEY !!! which scares me every time... but he wouldnt come in.. OK thats fine EXCEPT it is in the 20's in ND right now and yes the garage is insulated but not heated so puts it about 45 or so... and dan wet himself still wouldnt come in... so he was stubborn and wet .. OCD had kicked in and he was going to complete goal no matter what..... and i try to avoid the power struggle but bear in mind the whole i am his guardian and have to be careful ... but i can not physically MAKE him do or not do anything.. so i bite my lip and watch and worry../ He eventually came in.. wet and cold... i had put a electric blanket so the bed would be warm after i washed him up ... but GOOLLLEEE..... no solution, just situations to be dealt with all the time... seems like a new trick every day.... and he is hollering right now so see YA!!!!! have a good day everyone !!!


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It must be the change of seasons, because Ray is the same way right now. I can't get anything done! But he doesn't actually do anything, just plays foreman and points out things other than I'm doing that he thinks is more important. Ah well, it's good to let them feel like they are still the man of the house.

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Like i said, I never thought of caregivers till I came on this site. After my stroke, I was a "trip",but my son told me that, and I shook my head and told him that it was everyone else who was at fault!

Like I say there is a speical place in heaven for caregivers.



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Nancy: it is always nice to find that thing that keeps interest - even for just a half hour and does not need any assistance. The morning paper comes to mind.


Just have to do the best you can with what you are given. Bruce is currently giving me baking instructions, but he is also starting to get into it himself and not just read me the recipe and check my measurements, so that has been fun. Will be starting with the healthy stuff end of next week. I still have to roll out a pie crust - LOL.


Take care and make sure you stay warm as well. Debbie

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Mike has started to cook some again. Which is good but can be a little nerve racking on me especially when he want me to do 10 things at once! LOL! Tonight I had to just come right out and tell him that I am only one person and if he expected me to do my part and part of his job too then he would just have to slow his roll and let me get one thing at a time done! I feel your pain Nancy! LOL! ((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

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Men will be men anytime and most any place! Let's hope he don't catch pneumonia out in the semi cold weather being so wet.


Check to see if his nose starts to drip clear mucus, if so make an ER visit quickly!!

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You know Nancy, your talking about the electric blanket brought back a lot of thoughts with me. We had one... and as the current dog got older and began having accidents, were afraid to use it. Then she died... and we had a new puppy with a hole in her bucket, and were afraid to use it... and the cats that liked to throw up on beds best, so we were afraid to use it. Now, even if all the pets fly over the rainbow, there is a Bob, in a wet diaper, and I'm afraid to use it!


I will say I thought of a good way to quickly warm up the sheets or even him when he gets in and needs a quick warm. I put the hand held hair dryer under the sheets and it really puts out a lot of heat fast!


I wonder if you could use one of those room heaters out in the garage, but put it out of his reach so he won't mess with it... then again, he may NEVER come in, if you do.


It's hard to know which way to go with our guys... or even ourselves. I made a bad decision and didn't realize I was pushing Bob's whl chr down a grade and had to hold back with all my body weight so he didn't get away from me (one of our outings). All the muscle pains from that disappeared rather quickly, except one of the outside of my foot that is still just a blaze of pain. Don't know if it is a muscle in my foot or sciatica. Anywho, glad he is settling into his new home so happily :)

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i agree about the electric blanket -- so i only use it to warm up the bed -- but i gotta admit your idea is a good one -- and brings back memories for me... I grew up in a HUGE old house... no heat upstairs NONE... and ND winter... i used to do that as a kid-- ohhh felt so good , man that room was cold... hopefully next time i gotta heat up the bed quick i remember... nancyl

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