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glimmer of hope -- well more of glimmer of light, but hey it's shiny !!! Dan has had 2 very good days - he has been fun, good mood, and even nice to his grandson... so nice... to feel .. well just not to feel scared, mad, confused and all the time... i won't fool myslf into thinking this is anything other that a anomaly , but i sure do like it... specially being nice to his grandson... thats good for EVERYONE .... of course dan is still demanding full of OCD and demanding ( oh i said that already) but at least his mood is better... since i seem to always write the bad i feel it is fair to also report the good as RARE as it is --- but dog-gone it it has been a OK last 2 days... now that i have spoken --errr written out loud i suppose it will bottom out tomorrow , but i have the memory of "today"...


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That is good news Nancy, and we are going with the postive news. Like i have said before i never thought of the caregivers to busy thinking of myself, stroke is a sefish, spoil child. Comming on strokenet has opened my eyes.


I pray tomorrow is another "good day", with fun and laughter, and no one can take away your memories.



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Nancy, it's the memories that counts the most for family situations and it's the sickness or illness with family members that brings us closer together when times are not so good and bright!


I know I tick my wife off so much and often but she still loves me for who I am and what I mean to her as a good husband!


I can say that from experience after being shot by the wife before her and left for dead!


Sometimes good days don't come all together but I have learned to smile anyway and take the good with the bad as a way of living together in a marriage after saying "I do"!

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Nancy :


I am so happy for your good days, hope & pray you get more of those. I know those days give strength to go on on not so good days



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Those days are like water in the desert, Nancy! So refreshing. I'm glad you have had 2 and we'll just keep praying they'll be more days to join them on the good side!

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Nancy, that is how we all live these days, we remember the good and that trumps the bad 10X's. If we didn't we wouldn't make it! Glad you are having some good ones!!!

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