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black friday -- wth - crazy people..



so what the heck -- some of those "black friday" stories wow... i dont understand it... way back when i used to go , but quit about 5 yrs ago when it was not for "fun" that people went but for people to have an excuse to be nuts.. and rude.. and mean.. and greedy... and of course now it has been deadly for a long time.. but the total disregaurd people display for one another for a toy , or a trinket... i just dont know... and come on walmart and others.. at what point do you as a business think a marketing plan should change... one death, two , a thousand... ?? i mean if you can sell the TV for (x) amount than just sell it for (x) amount and give rain checks.... stupid post .. for stupid people.. I for one have returned to shopping as local as possible and yes it costs a few bucks more, but - you know what - if it breaks they will and can fix it.. and have.....

We had the whole family together for thanksgiving and dan tolerated it --- he did so well, although he was very overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle in the house ( and i forgot to put the turkey in on time so it was even more together time).... But we got a few more precious memories my 2 grandchildren played and ran, and wrestled and got along so well... I wish they didnt live so far apart from each other - they defiantly have a - bond-.. so glad for that . and we will get another grandchild in march - but this one will also be in MN.. April has decided against having another, in part because of Dan. I cant be there as much as we all would like for weston.. and having another would just be one more i cant help with.. and with the SIL own mobility problem having another is scary and would be akin to a single mom deciding to have another... so it is a combination of all the issues ... of course i have 2 more daughters and who knows with them... time will tell...

And we have a bug in the house -- might even be the real flu - given the dry cough and body aches -- dan and i both had the shot.. and so far we are OK but Lilly the granddaughter and my son are sick. And bethany is as well. thats why i am up posting so late -- more bedding to wash..lilly coughed so hard she threw up..


I read where Polio is starting to make a come back in Syria-- now that is a very scary disease..


well senseless rambling done for tonight ( morning) but just a quick catch up on life in our crazy household...


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I thought the guy that got shot in the leg over the TV was bad, but the two ladies that got in a fight and one tasered the other, whoa!


The only Black Friday I've ever done is the local BJs, they open at 7AM that day and maybe 10 or 20 other people. In and out. The stories I see in the paper scare me too much to even consider anywhere else.


Sorry about the health issues. I sort of planned on catching something upstate earlier this month, with so many kids now, but we got lucky.


We only had Ray's brother and sister here, it was a great day but then over dessert the two of them started a loud conversation, a totally political one (the worst!) and Ray started getting a blank look on his face. I gave him a reprieve and took him into the other room to watch TV, which was a smart move. That's a first for him, but even I was getting overwhelmed with their one sided shouted proclamations. At least I was able to pour myself another glass of wine! Glad that's over for now, although Christmas is just around the corner: Better get some ear plugs before then I guess.

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Guest lwisman


I did Black Friday once. In 1969. I said Never Again. I discovered that most members of my family also tried it once and decided Never Again.


Now I do all of my shopping online. Especially during December when crowds can happen at any time. I did need a few stocking stuffers late a few years ago. I went to Target at 8 am. Not bad even a week before the 25th.

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Nancy, Amen to the Black Friday shopping disasters. There is NOTHING anyone needs here that bad. The grandkids have too much already and they have lots of grandparents to get more from. My daughter and I do the Cyber shopping with the free shipping.


We had the kids over Friday for Thanksgiving. Larry's son, Dane, was sick and could not come but his wife and our granddaughter, Rachel, came, and Larry's daughter and granddaughter Emily, plus my two kids. Larry was disappointed he could not see Dane. He doesn't the kids enough.


Hope your holidays and family are well the rest of the year and beyond.



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Nancy, things over here in Kissimmee, FL, was not too bad. My son went shopping, he said the savings were no big deal! I feel the shops should be close, the staff want to spend time with their family. One supermark was closed, the staff was full of smiles.

I can not see my self fighting over a toy, or a t.v. I feel it has got worse every year, and something needs to be done before we lost how many people ?


Dinner was good, my husband cooks, we had his brother over, my son and daughter, my grandson, plus my friend and her sister over from England . A enjoyable time haded by all. My husband said this is his last time cooking Thanksgiving, he has been doing it for the last 20years, so he 's tired!


I need to get it together, my cards have not been send to England yet! The post office is not close by, used to be a shop that you could send your post I could walk to this store. Great, now the store is closed, getting a ride is hard. Never mind, husband is off tomorrow, so we have lots to do, and he hates shopping, he live!



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Nancy: you know it is funny because Mary Beth and I always shopped on Black Friday. Bruce and I would go to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving and then Friday Mary and I and the girls would go shopping. Bruce and I did the ski coats, pants, boots every year for 12 years. The girls are very different in size, so there were no hand-me-downs and they had to try stuff on.


I remember crowds but never an issue. Maybe because it was many years ago, maybe because it was New Hampshire. And truly we only went because that is when Bruce and I were there. I don't think we ever looked for "sales" so to speak - LOL.


I am sorry about the bug but so happy for your Thanksgiving and time with family. Debbie

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Nancy, I use to work where? Wal-Mart!!!!! LOL! I remember those crazy people coming in the store fighting over everything! When I first started working there we were closed on Thanksgiving so people would have to line up outside and the doors would open at 6am. We would stand at the back of the store and watch them run down the isle to find what they wanted then fight to keep it! It was CRAZY!!! Then when we started staying open 24/7 we would have to stand beside the pallets of all the sales stuff wrapped in black plastic so that no one could see what was on them till the actual sale started. Man was that a pain in the a**! They would come up and try to rip the plastic off and we literally had to physically make them leave it alone! I have been to the sales several times over the years only because my daughter wanted me to go with her and I wanted to be there in case she needed some protection! LOL! This year I didn't go anywhere. We stayed home and watched the boob tube all day. We had our dinner with the children on Sunday. Mike was a little ill early on that no one but my daughter came to help with the meal. I can't make him understand that I like being the only one in the kitchen except for him when he is cooking and I have to help. He made the announcement that there would be no Christmas dinner here :( Don't know what to do about that one. I think I am going to make snacks and have a drop in that day. Sounds like a plan to me! Oh well I rambled enough! Have a Good Day!!!

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