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Happy with progress



I don't have much to say today. Still nothing no news from my employer about relocating me to a less physically demanding job. I saw a psyatrist last week who evaluated my arm and shoulder. It is frozen shoulder and it should clear up with treatment and exercise. It is painful and swollen. The psyatrist agreed with the neurologist about the relocation, so that's VERY GOOD spoton.gif I was quite happy about that smile.gif

Apart from the unresolved problems related with work, I'm doing pretty good. My head feels better. My thoughts are clear and I feel good physically. Energy may not be up to 100% but I've come a long way and am happy with my progress. The psyatrist said I would have a mild residual deficit in my arm, but it really is not noticeable to anyone but a trained eye for these things.

I am feeling relatively calm. I've been taking anti-depressants and I feel they help me a lot. That's it for now blahblah1.gif


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