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i just dont understand



Things were going pretty good. Today I went to the gym and signed up for a membership. Its a gym that the hospital owns so they also have OTs PTs and personal trainers. I especially like that they offer group classes like chair yoga and senior exercise classes so it will be easier for me to keep up with the group. I was having a good day. I treated myself to a restaurant I've never been to for lunch then came home to finish reading a business book.

and thats when it happened. as i was laying down reading I felt my left arm start to rise up. I tried to push it back down but I knew it was a seizure. I tried to put my book down but tore the page. I tried to yell for help but I guess I was just thinking it and could not talk. It felt like I was dreaming while I was sleep. I was talking to strangers and just random things happening.


Then I realized I was sitting on my bed crying hysterically and my dad and brother were talking to me. I didn't know what was going on and I was terrified. I kept saying "They're going to take my license" which I always say once I realize I've had a seizure. My dad put my shoes on me and decided to take me to the emergency room because my dad says I was staring and my eyes were really wide plus I was really out of it.


Once we got to the emergency room parking lot I started to remember what I wrote in the last paragraph plus the parking lot was full so we went back home. but my dad told me more. He said I walked into the the kitchen and he seen me walking past his room but I was walking strange. Then he heard a boom and he found me laying on the kitchen floor just staring into space and not responding. He said its like I was sleep walking. I don't understand how I got to the kitchen. It is on the other side of the house and I had to step down a step from my hallway then up a step into the kitchen. How did I do all of this without wearing my brace and no memory of it? I guess my dad helped me back to my room. The last time I fell without my brace when I was 14, I sprained my ankle. Im glad I did not sprain it today. My left side is sore but my headache is going away,


My dad does not think I had a seizure and none of the neurologist or ER doctors think what Im having are seizures. I just wish I knew what it was. Now I feel scared to drive, work out at the gym, and take on the responsibility of starting a business which was my only hope after quitting my job. I just dont understand


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at least now that you are home with others - you are getting a accurate recount of what is going on-- and something is going on for sure ...... obviously you need to continue to research and document and get some appts. made and referrals done - to try to figure this out ( could this be a side effect of a drug) maybe it never effected you like this before but now is... ??? i know there are sllep aids on the market that have people doing crazy stuff -- all the time.. ( ambien) is one that comes to mind - my girlfriend ( a nurse) her mother a little 100 pounder was doing some strange sleep walking things on that.... but i dont think you take any of that type of stuff.... still with a stroke and the changes in the brain as it remaps a drug that previously did not affect you adversely might now be affecting you??? just a random thought --- maybe a sleep study ?? a more involved one ?? than a one night stand ( lol) ... these are just my thoughts ??

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Thanks nancy. I remember weening myself off the baclofen before I moved to Charlotte at the end of 2012. When trying to qualify for the bioness, I was recommended to get back on it so I did. It seems like these things started when I restarted the baclofen and stopped the zoloft since it wasnt helping my depression. Not saying the drugs are causing it but I do think you could have a valid point.


I also wanted to add that yesterday I did not do any strenuous exercise, I did not do electrical stimulation on my arm, and I was feeling really great, so I can't blame stress or burnout. I also had prunes and non fat sugar free yogurt for breakfast and a vegetarian sandwich with an orange for lunch. I had drank 2-3 bottles of water before the seizure thing happened so I cant blame my diet.

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Hi Karina, great ideas from Nancy, and love the one concerning a sleep study. One for a few days will be helpful. Hang in there, please dont give up your dreams of owning a business, soon get to the soloution of why this is happening.


You are in my prayers


God bless



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