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Turp procedure Greenlight



I cannot sign in under my name Ruthpill. So I am using Williams. We have a urinary tract infection. This has been a night mare. This is worse than the prostate problem. Now. no control. Fortrunately, I finally realized and called the urologist who called in an antibiotic of Cipro ...Friday. So we have an urinary urgency and constipation. What a combination. Wm has been sleeping more and now getting hydrated enough.

On another note. His phone died. I got him an iphone. He loves Siri. I told him that she can text me, call me and do google searches. Set the alarm. set his calendar. It is a wondeful thing. He till gets confused but I should have gotten it sooner. I was afraid that he would not be able to use it. But it is actually easier than the other phone. It will just take practice.

The pharmacy has been causing me headaches also. I was filling his pills and noticed that I had run out of carvediol. I thought that i had put everything on auto refill. Obviously not. I called and orderded that med and asked that the tech review the rest of his history. He said that everything else was find and was on auto refill. Well, I continue and then realize that I am out of sertraline. I try to call back 3 times and am put on hold. I give up and have the caregiver call the following morning. She orders it and gets it picked up. But tells me that they did not have the Zoloft readly. I told her not to worry the sertratline is the same things. What is up with that pharmacy?

If You need a brand (Stingray). Call at least 1 week ahead of time. This will take time and make sure that you speak with the pharmacist. Hold that person accountable. You need to call the pharmacy alot because they hire alot of people that overworked and undertrained for their jobs. It is frustrating. They also charged me $85 for 90 day supply of digoxin. This stuff is cheap. I checked out the $400 plans on Kroger, walmart and CVS. CVS was the only that had it on the $10.00 plan that you pay for $15.00 for year. I need to get it filled from them next time on the Health Savings plan that they have.

Take care and hopefully I will sing in on my name next time.


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Thanks, I know Debbie said the same so now I will call a week ahead rather than a day or two. I seem to remember them being weird though, like I couldn't call too far ahead either, but after what I've been through I know what I have to do now.


This is the first time in three years I had a problem like this, the other times it was resolved behind the scenes without much help from me. Major disaster was averted at least, CVS did finally help with the last minute glitches and seemed concerned to boot.

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I swear with few exceptions -we have new techs everytime i got to the pharmacy... which usually means exactly what ruth said- overwork+ underpaid +undertrained = quit job... and i seem to get charged different prices all the time ...

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Hi Ruth, recognised the name right away. That is why I still have Ray's old log on available, in case of lock-outs. Hope that is fixed soon.


The medication issue seems to be world-wide. I was often asked if I could wait a day or two as they were "out" of something so I used to order it as soon as we got to the last five days. Not good to run out of anything. Those UTI's are certainly a pain for the caregiver as well as the survivor. Ray's used to also affect his dementia so he would act tired. cranky and unco-operative for the duration.

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It's always something, isn't it? All these many things, how can we keep up with it all. I hope that UTI goes quickly, because they really take a toll on stroke surv. Hey, can you tell me what your subject line means? (Turp Procedure Greenlight)

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Oh no! Just when I was considering this procedure for Larry. As the uro told me, there are no perfect procedures for enlarged prostate (BPH). I guess we will find out as Larry is not getting any help taking meds for this.


Thanks for the update.



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Would you be better with your meds if you switched to Walmart or Walgreen price wise??? They tend to hire and keep the people longer!!


Walmart pharmacy will call me on my refills I don't have to call them in and they tell me when to pick them up.

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