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Back from UNC



Thank you guys! Well I went to UNC Chapel Hill on Friday. My bestfriend (my cousin) went with me and stayed the entire weekend so that was nice. When my dad came to get her, he brought my brother with him so he stayed with me for a day or 2 then my dad came back and stayed with me the last 2 days. Everything was really nice. The food was great and the nurses were very nice. I mostly watched tv and read a book.


Well the good news is I know that majority of the time I am not having seizures. I am having panic and anxiety attacks. The whole time I would keep pressing the button because I felt weird/scared/dizzy/light headed. but nothing ever happened. I tried sleep depriving myself at night. I tried thinking about the weird feeling but it was just so hard since I had not had a seizure in 3 weeks.


Finally on Tuesday, they took me off my keppra completely. (They had been slowly decreasing it.) I had not had a bowel movement since last Wednesday so I asked for a suppository. Still, its hard to use the bathroom when you have a nurse standing right in front of you. I called my favorite nurse and she took me to the bathroom. I like her because she stood on the other side of the door and turned the tv up for me so I wouldnt feel so awkward. I was really trying to use the bathroom when I just knew I was having a seizure so I told her "Im having a seizure." After that all I remember is feeling like I was falling off the toilet (but I know I wasnt because there were arm rest on both sides of me and my nurse rushed in as soon as I told her I was having the seizure. Later on she told me I didn't know who she was. I bit my tongue during the seizure and I threw up in my mouth some.


A few hours later my dad was there and I was back in bed. I felt like my arm was about to start jerking so I told him "its happening again." After that I don't remember anything but my dad said he went to get the nurses, they asked me questions, showed me pictures, and I asked my dad why he was crying. I don't remember any of that. I had a horrible headache that night so they gave me tylenol and I slept good.



The doctor said I had generalized tonic clonic seizures. They start in the temporal lobe where my AVM was at and spread to the frontal lobe (my AVM hemorrhaged from the temporal to frontal lobe). I did an MRI and I have to go back in a month. The only explanation the doctor gave me was the brain damage. When I asked why the seizures came back after being seizure free for so long, she said it could just be me growing up and hormones. I keep telling myself Im not going to have a seizure but since I just had those 2 days ago, the fear is so fresh in my mind. I keep touching my arm to make sure its not about to start jerking. My thighs, stomach, and triceps are sore on top of my left arm feeling weird. But the good news (I guess) is Im not having tiny seizures. All those times I get scared, feel weird, lightheaded, etc those are most likely anxiety or panic attacks. I pressed the button during those times but they didnt show up on the EEG or EKG monitor.


I go back to my psychiatrist and therapist next week so I hope that will help wth my anxiety/panic. Since I only had 2 seizures ast month, I am hopeful that between me taking the mini pill to balance my hormones, taking the clonazepam twice a day, and taking my keppra every 12 hours, I will stay seizure free. Oh yeah I am moving into my new place this weekend. I will take pictures :)


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Katrina :


I am glad you were at hospital & it happened at-least you will get your answers now. BTW I strongly feel thinking about seizures are causing those panic attacks so you have to start watching your thoughts. will look forward to those pictures, & once you move you better not complain about so much work involved when living alone lol



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Katrina, it is hard for doctors to assess you because of your history I think but having the trets was a smart move and I hope good things come out of it for you.

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just simple knowledge - good or bad is so important --- now you know and now they know----- can't wait to see the pictures…..

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Katrina, I'll always see you as my little sister I never had and knowing you survived a stroke at such an early age makes me know God has all of us in His hands daily!!! Before my stroke I was thinking strokes only happen to older people who were near death.


I knew nothing about strokes, nothing at all and I had one while home alone but my wife was on a dental appointment that day and got back home much sooner than if she had been at work!!! So, I survived by getting to a hospital in time. Any later I would have been gone to glory!!


These seizures have given you plenty to think about so live your young life as best you can God knows you!!

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Katrina: must be comforting to finally have an understanding of exactly what is going on. Well done. Yes, lots of pictures. Can't wait to see your new digs. Debbie

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Katrina, I'm glad you're home, and that all went well. You sound optimistic. Keep up that positive attitude. Best wishes, Becky

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