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3 more panic attacks



The night after I wrote my last entry, I had a panic attack after I got out the shower. The water was dripping after I shut the shower off and I started to think I hope that repetitive sound doesn't make me dizzy. I tried to ignore it and continue drying off but I started to feel dizzy so I sat on the toilet and called my cousin. When she answered I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was twitching and I was so scared. When I felt okay, I walked back to my room. I was still shaking but I fell asleep that night with no problems.


The following morning I woke up and was getting dressed. I started to think about the night before and it happened again. I felt so dizzy. I called my cousin and she talked to me until I calmed down. That day, I tried to do other things. I went for a walk twice, I sat in the gazebo, sat in my car, read some books, and paid my bills online. While I was online I started to get really scared and agitated. It was people talking outside in the parking lot and I remember saying "please stop talking". I felt so dizzy. But it went away. I didn't start twitching or really shaking that time.


Its really annoying getting the attacks. Last week I had none at all. This week I had 5. Its like once I had the first one this week that made me fearful of having another one which probably made it easier for them to come on especially since I sit here by myself all day.


Today was a better day. My cousin and I went walking and talking in the park again. I have been very positive since I moved here. Sometimes it feels like if it isn't one thing its another. God took away the depression and brought back the seizures. Then he took away the seizures and gave me panic attacks. I think Im handling things well. I give thanks everyday and I always tell myself I cant let an attack that lasted a few seconds ruin my entire day. If anything Im glad I dont have to worry about seizures anymore. I still just wish I did not feel the fear. Its like Im happy but Im scared even though I tell myself everything is good and I have nothing to worry about.


I am definitely going to look into gardening this week. I cannot sit on this couch and watch movies anymore. I need a detox from the tv. My therapist suggested volunteering. I just don't want to commit to an organization until I know how my transportation is going to be. Really I think living here would be so much easier if I just had someone to talk to during the day and come visit during the week. All the word searches and jigsaw puzzles in the world cant replace having someone to take my mind off my thoughts for a little while.


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Maybe you can consult with your doctor you can converse with the best and ask if you can have a shot of Gin when you feel one coming on. I know nothing about Panic attacks but if I ever have one I'm going to get me a shot of gin with a little 7up.


I may not remember I even had one then!!!! Maybe you can start to think about not being by yourself at certain times of the day or night. Go by your mom's or dad's house until it seem to pass then get a routine going to do some heavy thinking when you are home alone. Maybe cards you can play until you get sleepy!!!!


You are thinking too much or long so maybe you need board games to play when you are home by yourself???

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Hi Kristen, maybe a shot of rum will help. I don't like gin, in England we say gin makes you want to do harry carere with a bread knife! It is a english thing Fred! Playing cards may help, I play with my grandsons Will. I play golf and bowling love it, and it makes me happy ,Also play music like Jazz or Gospel, calms the soul.


Listening God does not take away one thing and gives you another, he is a healer, and he takes away pain and fear, you have faith to beleive.


Take care my dear



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Using Alcohol or recreational drugs (self medicating) is very detrimental to someone with anxiety. While it may provide fast but very temporary relief, it can also worsen anxiety not to mention react badly with your medications. Yvonne's suggestion to play Wii is a good one though or any activity that involves physical exertion. Finding what exercise is right for you depends on your deficits and keep in mind it can be anything that is strenuous and repetitive for you. The uncomfortable feelings associated with panic are caused by the body creating enzymes that enable the fight or flight response. The strenuous activity that is used to either fight a threat or run from one helps the body to stabilize itself. So since the need to fight or run isnt always there, strenuous exercise tricks the brain into signaling the adrenals into thinking you have indeed out-fought or out-run the treat and stops the production of the enzymes that cause the uncomfortable feelings.


Please bring up the panic attacks with your therapist and ask her for help with ways to de-escalate the panic attacks.

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