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a good week for me



This was a pretty good week for me. I told myself on Sunday that this was going to be an awesome week and that I was not going to have any attacks. I proved myself right :) On Monday my dad took me to pay my light bill, to the library, and to get some groceries. I guess moving back to my hometown does have its advantages (don't have to wait for the bus, save gas having my dad chauffeur me lol).


On Tuesday I guess my dad was bored so he popped up and we went out to lunch together. It wasn't anything fancy but it was nice to take a break from the couch and be out around other people.


Wednesday was a little less exciting. I actually started to cry because I felt so lonely and bored. I had watched movies, read books, went for walks, and looked at things on the computer but I just wanted someone to talk to. There is a handicap unit in every building in my apartment complex so I asked my property manager if she would help me meet some neighbors that just sit at home all day like me. She said she would walk me around one day to chat with some nice tenants she knows of.


Thursday was probably my favorite day. My mom came over and we watched a movie, then I took her to lunch until my appointment started. (She drove my car). I talked to my therapist! Initially my appointment was scheduled for May 20 because my therapist was booked but since I was on the waiting list, they called me when she had a cancellation. It went well. After my appointment we went to the library and my mom got a new library card. I felt so smart showing her how to use the self check-out machine. We actually ran into a lady we used to go to church with who works at the library and she encouraged me to apply for a part time position. I explained my driving situation to her but I might look into volunteering. After the library I took my mom to see Son of God because she really wanted to see it. It was nice. I came home and sat in the gazebo talking to my mentor until it started to get dark then I came in and slept good!


Friday I stayed in the house all day. I did not want to overdo it. But today was good. My dad picked me up for my hair appointment then we went to wal mart to buy some things that I used to have that he lost when he moved my stuff. He also bought me a chair and small table so I can sit on my patio now when I dont feel like walking to the gazebo. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my cousin (best friend) just talking and listening to music. When it was time for me to drive her home, we got worried because the road was blocked off. But I successfully made a detour and dropped her off. To get back to my apartment I remembered a road my dad used to make me take when I would drive home from college and only had my permit. I took my detour and made it home safe!


This week was perfect. Sorry my blog entries are so lengthy. Im just so happy Im not suffering anymore. Its so easy to remember the bad and so hard to remember the good so I want to make sure I have entries I can look back on and see how far I've come from depression, suffering from seizures, thinking my life was over because I couldnt drive work and was stuck at home, etc). I am so thankful


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I enjoyed this blog. See, you can not give up! better is comming, and you just have to be postive. It is good to have entries that have good new like this. Keep it up!



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Happy for you -- and yes write the good with the bad…….and this is your blog it can be 25 miles long - or 25 words long, it is yours --- and we enjoy reading them… it is so nice to hear when people overcome… congrats on your week !!

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Katrina :


I am so happy for you. I am glad you chose to write good things about your life too along with bad. Since I know from experience not every day is bad day, there are good days sprinkled in there too, but when we focus on just bad we just ignore positivity in our life & take it for granted. which all of us survivors know first hand that those small things matter a lot in big scheme of things



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Any week is a good week for me when I feel pretty good inside and out. So I know you are glad to me back and around your parents. I always figure being by yourself is a little worse than having family or friends around.


In my case I have bonded with my grand daughter's little dog so I got company all day from the time she leaves for school in the mornings until she get back home from school at 3 pm. Nobody really wants to be alone all the time and I know it would be real hard for me to do daily!!!.

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