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This morning I went for a swim.,


My attitude has had to shift with regard to exercise as I try,. but am slower than before,. I have started to go to the disabled session and its delightful!


What a friendly bunch of people- no-one is competing to swim faster and no-one complains about you slowing them down- its precious!


I just did half an hour- slowly building my stamina to greater things!


For me its an achievement- I feel brighter,. and more positive about life after exercise.


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congratulations, with stroke you realize rome wasn't built in a day. & slow & steady wins the race.



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Rose: Bruce did love his swimming. And yes, it was a slow go. The first day the therapist had him in the pool for 15 minutes and he slept all afternoon - LOL. After nine months, he was doing one hour.


You do have a good group and everyone accepting of everyone else. You are going to love this and will certainly reap the benefits. Debbie

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Yes Debbie I was mega tired yesterday,.I felt great at first but slept like a baby last night!

Thanks all for words of encouragement x

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I'm so glad you have found such a great group to swim with! I have often wondered about Bob doing this, but he always hated our swimming pool BEFORE his stroke! Only pool he after enjoyed was big fancy ones on vacation and it was 2000 degrees.

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I think you have to be well motivated to swim! it does help cardio health and gets muscles moving without stress on the joints

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