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OMG!!!! He rode it!



I haven't been on in a while been through a lot in the last couple of weeks and am just getting a few minutes tonight to blog. Some of you know from my facebook page that my Dad died Sunday the 18th, he is much better off as he was bed ridden and since my Mom died in February he had been steadily going down hill. Now they are together and happy. No condolences needed, I came to terms with it and am just happy that he is no longer suffering. On a happier note and to explain my title, Mike as you know was an avid motorcycle rider before the stroke and it was a big part of his life. Since his stroke took away his left side he was not able to work the clutch lever to change the gears and could not reach the kickstand to put it up and down, well we found a man that did some modifications to it and for the first time today Mike rode it!!!!! Granted it was a very scarey for him and he only rode it around the house, mostly in our yard, and about 50 feet on the small rode that is in front of our house but HE RODE IT!! I was running behind him like you would a child learning to ride a bike and a couple of times he had to stop and regain his balance but he done it. He wasn't too thrilled with himself because he felt like it was a failure that he didn't get on the rode and just ride off like he use to do but I told him he has to crawl before he can walk. I believe within a week he will be just like old times on it. I am feeling so happy for him and I am trying to make him realize what an accomplishment this is. I think he is slowly coming around to realize it too. I will post some pictures of him on it as soon as I get some and a video if I can figure out how to do it, when he lets me take some. He says right now he doesn't want anyone seeing him as he is still embarissed somewhat. I am super stoked! Just had to share! Prayers and love to all!


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Fantastic! And you are so right, baby steps. One has to get their 'feel' back, so they can judge how their response time is before they get out on the big road. Congrats to Mike! Cat, I know how happy you feel :)

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That is fantastic news! My husband was an avid sailor prior to his Stroke. As a matter of fact we had just returned from 21 days of sailing the San Juan Islands in WA State when he stroked the very next day.. that was 9 months ago. Doctors told us he would probably never really walk again much less sail or even get on our beautiful boat! Last month he not only got on the boat, but he relocated it from one slip to another. I had to work the throttle per his instruction, but he was at the helm, he was the captain :) I love how you said, "must crawl before walking".. if our guys only knew how dismal it seemed those first 72 hours after their Strokes and how huge it is for Mike to be back on his bike and Craig being the captain of his boat! So happy for you :)

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Cat :


great news. once he will start crawling walking will come not too far behind. so happy for both of you.



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Still sorry about your Dad, but glad you have come to terms with it! Wonderful you got the bike modified and Mike rode it!!!!! One little step at a time! Maybe after he keeps doing so well on it,he will be more comfortable with you sharing pictures/ a video. great accomplishment for him and it says a lot about you sticking beside him and supporting him!

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Cindy: I know how long you and Mike have waited for this! Remarkable.


Big hugs and kisses to you for having faith and hope. For finding a wonderful mechanic who listened and was willing to alter Mike's bike. You did good babe!


Yahoo and yes, pix soonest as Mike agrees.

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CAN'T is not a working word, He can and did ride so in due time things will come together where he can get used to riding again for short distances as careful as he possibly can. I just don't have the nerve any more but heck I'm 73 with old bones!!!


I saw a neat three wheeler this weekend I would love to own and the guy is cripple and pulls a trailer hauling his scooter and his wife rides behind him on the three wheeler but walks when he is using his scooter! If I can work my cell phone pictures I will post a picture of it on here!!


I thought that was the best three wheeler I ever saw!!!!

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I always tell Ray maybe a three wheeler one day, for a fun vehicle. It's a nice dream anyway. More likely I'd look at a bicycle with a side cart for him!

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Cat, I read somewhere that Mike tried it again, and had a little accident and hurt his foot/ankle. Just wondering if that is better or worse by now.

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Sandy, it is all good. Thought he may have broken something but it was just sore for a few days. He was back out on it yesterday but he didn't ride it around the house he just got it off the trailor that he stores it in and then drove it back onto it. He said he needs to practice this and master it before he tries to go on the road again. I thing he is being really smart about that. He has to gain his confidence back and it is better to fall in the grass than on pavement, or at least that is my thought!

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