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Tired, tunnel vision, spots and did i say tired..??



so the above means something right Debbie ?? Yep the hbg was 7.6 - but it is friday so not much is gonna be done today about it… i suppose the return to work has stressed it out of me… but i so enjoy it… but that candle is burning at both ends - dan is the chief stressor - but he is trying hard to adjust and be "good" - i think… never can tell with him…Geez … and yes i have been taking all my supplements which is why i am surprised ( a little ) by this .. but i have learned by now i don't get much except lemons to work with…. some sugar would be good…. don't want to turn into a bitter old lady..lol


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Oh honey - just so sorry. But I would like you to mark your calendar every six weeks or so and take 10 minutes to evaluate exactly how you feel. You are juggling so many things right now and I know you are doing the right things for your blood, but you have to factor in the stress and exhaustion.


Please do take care and know I am thinking of you. Debbie

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Working any job then caring for your husband can tire you out pretty quickly so take care of you like you do Dan!!! Wishing you good health for the summer and working too!! Just remember something has to give when you have had enough!! Only you will know when that time comes!!! You are just plain tired!!!! A quick break or rest is needed now???

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