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another seizure for Dan ( public) and a ER trip for me… who can top it !! ?? hopefully no one..



Dan had a seizure last night playing cards - that is his only recreation , and now it has the potential of being ruined - he was pretty embarrassed .. And he was sitting on a high stool ( a big job to get him into that) but as always i was right next to him when it happened - so i caught him before he would fall… how in tune we become with our loved ones… all i could do is hang on to him tight and hold him in the chair - no easy feat for 5 min.- he went about 45 seconds no breathing during the seizure to about 4 mins of seizing and breathing… but still no control - over the "other " areas…. he then came out just as i was gonna make a 911 call, then we had about 15 mins of coherentness-- so he played out his cards - sounds weird , but for those well versed in seizures you know what i mean,,, so we let him finish ( i think he wanted to show them no weakness- card players lol) -- then i finally got him talked into quiting and going home. knowing the post-stiktal phase was coming … what a hard walk into the house… his legs just drug…. got him to bed , meds done.. - AHHHHH time for a rest except i had chest pains - i apparently - adrenalined myself into some sort of rapid heart beats -- and then the chest and back pain began…. pressure kinda… but , went and got checked out - no real issues just burned up some muscles with the adrenaline rush…. finally got home - and to bed… ahhhhhh, dan woke up at about 8:30 isn and looked at me and said - seizure huh.. i said yep - you just rest - he said - so tired and fell asleep immediately … geez the stroke just keeps taking - now his only recreation has a "taint" to it… lovely , just lovely ….


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So sorry Nancy. At least you gave him his little bit of enjoyment. I'm glad you are both okay.


Take care,



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So sorry, and on Father's Day too. Hope today is better for you both. And hoping Dan forgets what happened, if he even remembers, and will be back to card playing in the near future.

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Well at least he finished his hand! Good thing you were close, but bad you had to pay with a ER visit.It is amazing what you can do if you have to. Had to be a long 5 minutes!

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Nancy: so sorry. But really you just have to explain to him that the seizure could have happened anywhere and no one is judging him.


I can't believe no one offered to help you, at least get him lowered to the floor. You could have been severely injured. It is one thing from a chair at home, to lower him down and in a WC, you just make sure he doesn't topple out frontwise. But from a high poker chair?


I am sorry about the accident. I live with that daily. Bruce just doesn't seem to even notice anymore. But I can see for a continent person it would be upsetting. If that remains the only issue he won't go to play cards, suggest a Depends for nights out like that. Hopefully it won't happen again, but he may be more comfortable knowing he is protected.


So to you. So relieved your heart calmed down and you were able to go home. Tomorrow morning you get on that transfusion soonest and since Dan will need to rest anyway, you get home from work and chill out. Maybe order pizza, but definitely some down time for Nancy.


Today was tough, I am sure, with it being Father's Day and I know you were right on board. I do hope Dan enjoyed his day. But tomorrow is Nancy's day. See if Beth can't spell you off for an hour before dinner.


Take care honey. Debbie

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People would have helped but i have learned the hard - way dan is still muscular enough that when he is in tight contraction i can't move him… only hold him in place…. and ye p will be calling my np as soon as i can pester her her on monday…. heck might as well go for broke now with insurance.. lol 4800 deductible here i come… crap…another bill ...

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I'm glad to hear you got checked out, instead of ignoring it. Do you think it has any connection to that number you mentioned to Debby in another post - that was not right (iron or something, forget).? Hey, if we all make it home and in bed in one piece, it was a good day!

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Nancy, so please that you and Dan are doing okay. Great that you got yourself checked out. like Debbie said take a day for you, get some rest like my son says "do you'. Please that you got out, and after everything everyone got home safe and sound.



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