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the weekend is here and it actually "matters" !!



while caring for Dan has been what i want and intend to do - part of marriage… i have missed out on working , and being soooo young ( lol) i am excited to be working again… so far so good, as far as the caretaker goes for Dan -- although i pay her 1.50 more per hour than i earn ---- it is what it is… but today is friday - i got off work early and hooray - it feels like a weekend… being home for the past two years one day is just like the next - for both myself and dan, now it is sorta exciting for it to be the weekend - even if we do nothing….

I guess i feel like a i was a inmate on "home confinement" - although - Free- i wasn't really allowed to leave and if i did not for long. and as bad as i feel i am sure dan feels worse.. he was such a go getter, clean this, change that, get er done the of guy who is now mostly in bed - although i am gonna move the recliner from the kids cabin i bought last year to the bedroom - he might use it ? it is one of the - stand up kind- --- but not overly huge - since dan isn't a very big guy… so it is kinda nice to be working again and appreciated - my boss told me he hasn't been "this productive" for 3 years… mostly cause he doesn't get caught on the phone - because i can field the calls pretty well and answer legal lingo things having worked the field so long and already knowing the clerks of courts the judges the clients and the terminology and the "rules" of the jail and sentencing expectations… so i can pull a file and tell client A - yes - we can put that request in for you, and you have a reasonable expectation for a positive outcome or - no we can put it in but it probably won't go as well as you hope..

and now since we have no more speech per say - the guy has a contract in AK for a few weeks , but will come back and do some followup work with dan - he is mostly volunteering - since Dan has been such a star student in terms of trying for his speech - to get as much back so he can effectively communicate --- and in some ways he has come so far -- ( mostly attitude and he gives a crap again) - but in other ways he has actually regressed - physically . it is painful for him to move around a lot so more and more i see him - giving up that part of his life…. but if it hurts and aches all the time who can blame him… on the other hand if he moved more would it hurt less, ? I don't have the answer just questions .. and i think it just must hurt to much…. i do see him doing a lot of his own stretching his arm and what not so i think he has just decided his own capabilities - LIMITED - and gonna stick to just working on acceptance ?? so not a lot to report mostly i write now as a outlet and the feed back is so nice ------- now if i don't give myself another adrenaline reaction --- i should be getting a transfusion next week - we got doctor issues here to… so frustrating playing the musical doc game… gotta wait for the first available ( and my doc MADE it happen) to see her get a physical eval done, write her recommendation , have me cross matched at the hospital ,order the blood and get the treatment… a transfusion is not always the best option but for me and my needs - taking care of dan i have to get back on my feet and quick… plus i would like to show my boss i am sharper than the dull pencil he has as a employee right now -- plus my vision will improve --lol-- and i can "see " what is in front of me…. lol --- i hate being dumbed down ---- frustrating - want to work , but the work pushes me over the edge just a little bit, hopefully i can get myself back up and running i can hang in there ---- thats me having a little bit of normal back… maybe ??



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That's great! Glad you have made it possible to return back to work. I like my job. It is challenging and varies from day to day. When I am thinking about retirement in the next 4-7 years I am going to have to find something to keep me busy or the transition from working to retiring will not go well. Sounds like you have found a happy medium, Enjoy! I think Johnny Q Public can be very interesting at times!


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Nancy, you can work until you want to stop. It's up to you finally, and I am so glad it is working out. Such a great feeling to be yourself again, even just for awhile. Day by day!


Sorry to hear about Dan's physical decline, Ray all of a sudden is the same way. I've been blaming it on the aides who just let him sit, and the broken arm, but maybe there's more to it than that? Scary.

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well wild horse can't keep ray or dan "down" and they can't pull them up either … in the end it might be not about a choice just a simple fact… dan and ray have always been on the same timeline - maybe it is what it is…

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If anybody can do it...It's you for sure, I got faith in your ability to get things done with efficiency every time!!!

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Nancy, I'm glad you are able to enjoy your work outside of the home. I don't know how you do it, but more power to you! I can understand your need to use your talents and experience and not be at the stroke world's beck and call.


It's also good you are taking care of yourself.



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yes -- i am a little embarrassed about my pay -- i really am only earning about a 1/3 of my old pay actually closer to a 1/4 when you figure the loss of govt retirement and the "good" insurance instead of this obama crap … but i am working by choice and the guy is pretty young and just getting going and with school loans - probably is paying me about as much as he can afford.. but later - Maybe - if i can hang in there i can get my pay pun there - after all the more i can do - the more he can do so the more client s he can take on… and he actually is a excellent defense atty. so as time goes on his reputation will spread… takes years in the legal world -- and he has a ethicalness about him in terms of his billing-- he charges less than half for things that need to be done - so that the regular Joe can afford justice so to speak - little things like simple divorces - deeds, filing responses etc… and i do admire that - and he is humble about it… and working with/for someone you like as a human - is important to me...

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Nancy: great news on the job. I will say it is fun being able to say it is Friday and weekend is here. Like you, really only thing that affects us truly is Holidays. Can't tell you how many times we have driven into the bank, to find it closed - LOL. And that is really just stretching out the errands so he gets out every day.


He's had a down week physically as well. Truck wouldn't start Wednesday, so we missed therapy and then the Contractor here for three days, but at least he went out on the deck.


When Bruce needed Caregivers here in the first few years I went back to work, I paid them almost exactly what I earned. I think I had $100.00 per week that was above that - on a good week. Doesn't matter the pay, really. You have been out of the work force for a few years, you are working on getting back into the system, updating your skills and setting up your networking. All that counts. And if the employment continues, sounds like this guy will bring you right along with him. Debbie

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I am glad that you are enjoying work..It is nice to know that Friday is here. Yes, it is so nice to get out of the house. I sometimes think of staying home and then I am home for the weekend and I am glad that It is Monday. I wonder if Dan's pain is because of lack of movement. I still take Wm to the pool 5 days of the week and he does not have pain. The few times that I have skipped the pool. He ends up with aches and pains. Good luck with work. I like that your boss has ethics.



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we are working on building the deck out - and down to provide a "emergency exit -- from our bedroom --- but i had bought with the intention of using it for warm water therapy for dan a large water treadmill - but until the deck gets finished i have no way of getting him in … the guy who does the work will devise a whole different cover system as well, since the cover now is to big and heavy for me alone to move… but i am thinking a sliding thingy will be perfect … so i agree the lack of movement is a culprit - but going to the anne carlson center where he had the warm water therapy for about a year was great but given dans deficits was way to dramatic for us… this would /could be much better … one day at a time -- but thanks ruth - you confirmed what i think i knew --- now once it gets done to get the man out of bed could be interesting… ( I mean more often than he does now )….

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Please that you are enjoying your job, and it is nice to like the person you are working for! Plus he has ehics, great and he sounds like he is taking you with him to the top! You go girl!


Sorry that Dan is going backwards phyiscal, I got an infection from the beach, so no walking for three days! My side and feet began to hurt so bad! i got back out there, what a relief loved it!



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