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My birthday weekend



I had an amazing birthday! Yesterday my friend from church Desiree, drove me to Charlotte. We stopped at my favorite restaurants and I even stopped at my old job and visited my favorite co-workers. The concert was awesome. It was called Rock the Park and it was christian music but kind of like for young people I guess like christian rap and christian pop/rock. It was really fun. I didn't have to pay for anything and I got lots of gifts (mostly cards lol) for my birthday. I didnt get home until like 12:30 in the morning so I was kind of stressed because I had already taken all of my medicine at 9:00 thinking I would just fall asleep in the car. But last night was the first time in a long time that I went to bed so late (around 2am) after waking up so early (around 4:30 am) and it was the first time that I did not take my klonapin right before going to sleep.


Everything worked out great though. I slept good! Im very happy that even through all the excitement, flashbacks of memories, loud noise and flashing lights at the concert, I was still able to just enjoy myself and not worry about anything bad happening. Today I went to church and went to visit my dad. I took him to brunch and just spent the day with him. It was a great birthday and Father's Day.


Tomorrow I finally get to see my therapist then my appointment with my neurologist is right afterward so I guess I will be updating soon. Its always so hard to explain to my therapist the good, the bad, how I've been feeling, and get her advice in a 30 minute session. but I will let you guys know how it goes with her and my neurologist


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Katrina :


Belated Happy Birthday, so happy you had great Birthday & fathers day, this is what I feel life is about some good days, some bad & some ugly. I have found out for me concentrating on good times increases my joy for life. Enjoy each & every day to fullest.




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Katrina it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and Father's Day. Happy Birthday!


Take notes so you can refer to them when you see your therapist. I know about the 20 and 30 min. sessions and I cannot remember everything when brininging Larry to his appointments.


Best wishes with your recovery,



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