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Acceptance of stroke, VBS, Driving



Still enjoying the Summer with my girls! Lately we have been goofing off a lot, staying up late and sleeping late. One thing I love about summer is when I don't have to set an alarm clock! LOL Time just goes by so fast, I know I am not the only Mother who would love to know the secret to keeping their children young a little longer. I see beautiful little babies and I wonder how my kids can be 15 and 11!


We start Vacation Bible School tomorrow evening through Thursday evening. I am excited, I have always loved VBS! I used to always be an assistant teacher or a teacher to the beginners class (2 years to 5 years old) and they were always so adorable. I don't teach any more, but we always have an adult class. This year I am excited to go to the adult class. I love my church and pastor! I have been going there for 28 years, the only down side--it is about a 45 minute drive one way from my house. I know by the end of the week I am going to be very tired,.blessed but tired!


Driving a car, yes I have been! Yeah!!!!! My therapists told me to check with my family physician, I have an appointment with him on 7/2 so I have been practicing. We live in a small Indiana town with the population of 400 people, so I have been practicing around my town, the local high school empty parking lot and some country roads. Not at night or not to a large city yet, my husband is in the front seat if I need anything. It has been going really well, yeah! I never lost anything cognitive, speech or memory. Thank God! I never forgot anything about driving at all. Like how to drive, rules of the road etc.


When I am driving--it is the only thing post stroke that I can almost do exactly like I did before my stroke. We did buy a steering wheel spinner knob to help with the turns, I have only drove once since my husband put it on, but it seems to really help. Finally something that makes me feel like my old self!


Have a cousin that died at the age of 54 of cancer, she was only 7 years older than me, have to go to her funeral on Wednesday. Funny how people dying puts life back into perspective again.


Acceptance of having a stroke---why do people assume when you say that--you are giving up? I think it is an important part of stroke recovery also. I am trying to accept the things I can't do and accept what I can and own it. I am not giving up or quitting. My therapy is over for a few months and I go back in September to see if I am over my plateaus or not. I am supposed to be stretching and doing some therapy at home on my own.


I still don't have much sensation on my left side and it has been 10 months, there are no exercises or anything to change that. Maybe I am a realist, I have been trying to learn acceptance of what I can change and not change. One thing I definately know---everything about a stroke sucks and stinks!!!! I hate it all!! But I will not give up on myself or quit on myself.


Hope all are enjoying the summer weather!


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You're really coming along, and it's obvious that it's your great attitude that's helping you get to where you want to be. Keep up the good work!

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I helped with VBS for a few years too. I taught 5-7 year olds,I just loved it! They could read and draw so plenty of book work to do as well as singing, craft, plays, games and fun in general. I am glad you get to be there and join in at an adult level, I am sure it will be a wonderful time for you.


I echo Colleen's words "you are really coming along."

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I third that "you are really coming along" . It helps when you think postive. It is not that we are giving up, we just accepting what happen to us, and getting on with life This is our new normal, so let's get on with it..

I remember sitting in my bedroom, not able to use my right side, walk with a cane, not able to cook, did not want to talk to anyone as my speech was terriable, did not want to leave my apartment had stairs and I was scared. My thoughts were so confused and I was on 13meds! I was sitting in my armchair thinking "is this it" It has taken me over three years to get to my new normal, but Iam proud of myself. I walk, take care of myself, and Iam Ms Soical butterfly again LOL. Iam living my life, my grandkids keep me young. I took then to downtown Disney had such a good time, I do not drive meds keep me off the road, still get tired, and my brain is not quick , but this is who Iam, so deal with it.


Enjoy your summer and your kids, my "baby" will be 21 years on Wednesday. Time does fly


God bless



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Tina :


I love your attitude, I also thought same way about acceptance, but in really once you accept your new normal life becomes so much fun & worth while. I think of it that I am not going to be on sidelines in living my life. I think we are heroines of our life & have to live like that & make it fun for every one involved in our life's journey. I am so glad I did that & thanks to that enjoyed raising our son.



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Tina: you are having a wonderful summer with your family and I congratulate you on taking the steps to get back to driving - will offer so much freedom.


Yes, coming along and a wonderful attitude. Debbie

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I agree so strongly with you. I know stroke survivors who are sooooooo insane because they have a tiny little thing they didn't get back perfectly. While they do everything, just have the little annoying thing that is leftover, they have no peace, no gratitude, just intense anxiety because they are not the perfect one they were before. Acceptance is seeing where you are and accepting and loving yourself for who you are right now, and realizing how much of a blessing it is to still be around! Sure, all continue to work to improve, and even to just maintain - but was the same for Bob before his stroke. He went to the athletic center and worked out to STAY in shape. I told him it is the same thing he does now. He is maintaining and still improving, too.

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