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Awesome birthday weekend



Today is my birthday but I celebrated it all weekend. I actually just started feeling better yesterday. I went to a support group and my friends from church had a birthday party for me and some other friends. I remember when I felt like I had no friends and spent my birthdays online all day long but this weekend I haven't been home for more than a few hours. It is a great feeling and I am glad I have friends and transportation to go out and have fun.


My dad stayed the night with me last week and drove me to work at my new job some days. I get my first paycheck tomorrow! It is going pretty good. It's just a lot to remember while I am still training. It felt so good to wake up yesterday morning in my bed by myself after a good nights rest for the first time since the seizure 2 weeks ago. I wish the tingly feeling in my arm would go away though. Every time I lay down lately I think of my arm spazzing out and jerking. It is a very scary feeling.


I got so frustrated last week I went to the community health center to get a psychologist since my psychiatrist discharged me and my therapy ended. But it did not turn out well. The lady that was doing my intake called the EMS to take me to the ER to make sure I didn't commit suicide. I kept telling everyone I wasn't going to hurt myself and I had to go to work the next day. They really overreacted and still didn't assign me a psychologist. I hate feeling either very high or very low and I hate the anxiety over the seizure happening again. I hope I find some therapy soon.


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Katrina :



wish you many happy returns of the day. In life you will get lot of good days & bad days. I feel during those bad days just remind yourself you have seen this & this shall pass too. you are stronger than your thoughts.



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Katrina, I was sure I said happy birthday to you but I can't find it so again I say happy birthday to you and hope all was good....

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Happy late birthday Katrina.. I can certainly identify with the highs and lows-- more recently it has been just lows... improvement comes one minute, one hour, one afternoon,one day at a time.

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