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Good Report



Things with Chris are really starting to go good. His physical therapist is working him hard. I'm glad to see this because I really think he has the potential to recover. It has been alot for me to learn. His exercises must be done 3 times a day and everytime the therapist comes she adds more exercises to the regimen. It is taking me about 45 minutes to complete. Chris usually experiences more pain and discomfort after his exercises - I would think this is only natural. He can now eat about 1/2 to 3/4 of a meal by himself before he really gets tired and he can hold a glass or mug - pick it up from the table and get it to his mouth without spilling it and then put it back down on the table.


The therapist had ordered a trapeze for over his bed to help strengthen his upper torso. We are really seeing alot of his strength coming back on his right side. On Tuesday the therapist had him sitting once again on the side of the bed and tried to have him lay down from a sitting position. Chris had not done this for about 9 months. Boy is he stiff!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been having trouble with the aide that is coming to the house. It's unbelievable - she makes $22.50 an hour and cannot follow directions. I could go on and on about the screw ups she has done - actually all she really wants to do is watch TV and sit on the back porch and smoke cigarettes. I have given her a week and a half - hoping that this was only an adjustment period - but yesterday I had had enough. Today she had a personal obligation and wasn't with Chris - so I called the company she worked for and told them that I didn't want her back. Her boss could not believe what I was telling him. And to add to the problems I found out that she has a bad back and is constantly on pain killers. yikes.gifyikes.gif


Actually the only real problem that we are having right now is that Chris is dreaming alot at night and I am not getting enough sleep. Tommorrow I'm gonna call his doctor and see what she would recommend. Neeeedsleeep.gif


But with all the so called problems and sleeplessness - I wouldn't trade it for the world - because when he smiles - that's all I need to keep going.


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My niece has to have a home aids and has for years. The turn over of them is mind boggling. The good ones never stay and the bads ones you can't get rid of fast enough. I probably should have had a few in the first few years after my husband's stroke but I had had my fill of them with my dad. It seems like watching TV and "socializing" is be their speciality. Like you hire them to do some work, so WE can do the socializing when we get there. Good luck with your next aid!!




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Guest lwisman


I had hired caregivers for a year and a half. The agency we used will continue to provide new caregivers at no extra cost for one year. It took four months of constant change before I finally got a great one. She remained for the rest of the time. All but one of the woman sent to me was Polish. They had a variety of levels of English, but all had some. I thought at first that those with medical background would be best. These were people who were not yet licensed to be doctors, nurses, etc. in the US, This was not true. Those with medical backgrounds were forever telling me what to do - attempting to use their medical expertise. As we all know medical expertise can sometimes be questionable. Maria formerly was a preschool teacher. She was able to judge when to do things for me and when to let me struggle. I was able to help her by teaching her how the US system works. I credit her with being part of the team which helped me in my recovery.

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