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Summer Vacation



I am home in my native state of South Carolina for a nice week long vacation. Before I drove here I had some anxiety about having another stroke. Just when I think I am over having them something triggers it. Maybe it's because of all the work I have been doing and the stress of my leaking ceiling is the blame. But nonetheless I made it home safe and sound.

During my visit home I see a lot of family. My parents families have family reunions but I only went to see mothers side of the family. We didn't make it back for my father's side. I will have to come back for another family get together. But I saw my grandma who is 99 years young. Our reunion is at my grandparents church which is A.M.E. where talked about the shootings in Charleston. One of my relatives attended the funeral and showed us some pictures. The news is filled about the confederate flag and if it should come down. They voted yes but 9 lives should not have been lost for it to be removed.


The biggest highlight of my trip so far is seeing my brother. My parents and I went Sunday to see him. When we arrived he greets us with a big smile. He was heading to the cafeteria but didn't get to far. My brother has a new wheelchair. It looks more comfortable and a bit easier to move. He doesn't have a foot rest for his left leg but he is ok without it. He says he isn't doing any pt but he is moving well and he is able to use his right side to adjust his left leg or arm. He still drools some but not as much. Last visit he needed a bib. Now just a was cloth. He has lost some weight and he is not smoking so he is doing very good. I asked him if he has any pain on his left side. He told me yes. I asked if it tingles or feels like it burns he said yes again. After that he ate his lunch and he tried to convince my mom to take him outside to smoke. The facilities are now smoke free. My mom knows that and so does my brother. However,my silly momma still asked. I told my brother if mom takes you out and you can't smoke she can hit him upside his head. He laughed and said no. Overall it was a good visit. My brother looked really good and my parents thought so too. There were no tears this time. Just smiles. Our next visit will be hopefully in October when I come back home for a visit.


Before I left home I saw a commercial about Invoka and how you can file a lawsuit if you had serious side effects from it. I contacted a lawyer to see what will happen. For the rest of my vacation I will visit my deceased grandma grave for her 100th birthday. She passed away 5 years ago. I will also relax and enjoy my parents cat and his family. I will attempt to find some good peaches. Georgia might be the peach state but SC is much better. Also I will collect some watermelon and the wonderful vegetables my uncle has grown. This is my first full week vacation after my strokes and I will enjoy all of it as much as I can.


Happy Summer Everyone!


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Sounds like a marvelous time! Glad your brother is doing better!


I'll take any and all fruits and vegetables! :)


Happy Summer to you!

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Please that you had a great vacation with your family. Grandma is 99yrs

young! good for her. Great that your brother is comming along. It is good

to see family, and have a good time.


I also take any fruit and vegetables, lol.



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That sounds really nice I have not been to the southern states but I pr myself I will one day. You made it sound like heaven. Like you since my strokes I am afraid to travel heck I am afraid of most everything but I will be like ulyouband so many other survivors I will travel again. One of our favorite things was doing cruises.

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