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One Year Anniversary Coming Up



Monday will mark the one year anniversary of my first stroke. Not sure if I can handle it. I will, but my emotions are shaky now just thinking about it. After I get over that anniversary hump it will be six weeks away from the second stroke. I will not be huddled in a corner crying but I will be probably be driven crazy at work. I am also going to see a surgeon about my thyroid and if I need a biopsy done. It's funny how many issues I am having now after my stroke. I have chronic kidney disease but at stage one and I hope to stay there. Just found out I am anemic...again. Last time I was in high school. I thought I was anemic before but my test didn't show anything. I have seen so many doctors but nobody ran that freakin test until now. But the doctor who ran the test didn't tell me. I just gave my primary doctor my latest test results and she just said it. Now I don't feel bad about taking so many naps! I do wish to get my results of my ultrasound showing what my pancreas is doing. Also having my eye exam Friday. I am not ready. I'm seeing an ophthalmologist as opposed to an optometrist.


I am still seeking into why I had my strokes. A couple of months ago there was a commercial talking about the drug Invokana and it's side effects. When I googled it with stroke some law firms came up. I contacted two lawyers but they turned me down but I will keep trying. I might not be successful but I will try. Going back to the first hospital and checking with that doctor to see if medicine caused first stroke. Second stroke was a TIA that could have resulted in me not easing back into normal life.


But nonetheless I am alive. I'm blessed and here to see another day.


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Guest lwisman


Congrats on your anniversary!


I find that intentionally celebrating my stroke anniversary is really helpful. Do something nice for yourself.


Remember all the accomplishments since your stroke. Thank those who have helped you. Make a list of accomplishment you will work toward in the next year.


The fist anniversary is the hardest. I have been through 18, so many more are possible.


Good luck.

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Mine is Oct 14, not that far away. I plan to visit the hospital where I did  inpatient rehab. I want to be reminded of how far I came since I was in 734, but more importantly I want the staff to see that they made a difference. The doctors kept me alive, the nurses and rehab put me back together from a pile of broken pieces and made me able to walk, talk and think again. Reading is still questionable but you can't have everything.

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Thanks guys.  This past year I have been doing things that I was scared to do because of my stroke.  I am working on being able to drink fluids.  Before my strokes I dranked a lot like juice, tea, etc.  After my first stroke, I barely drank water.  In fact, thats all I drink is water.  I have had tea, but I don't drink it as much.  If I do have juice I mix it with seltzer water, but I don't think it all.    Another thing was going to weddings.  A couple of weeks after my first stroke my ex thought I should go to a wedding.  I got sick and threw up on the mother of the bride. Not sure why I was sick. No drinking was involved! I wanted to leave but they didn't so I had to stay.  Just glad I didn't get that much on my dress.  Then I had my second stroke(TIA) on the second wedding.  That prevented me from going to my best friends sisters wedding in Switzerland.  My cousin got married in March and I was a nervous wreck. This time I was with lots of family so if anything happend I had back up! In two months I will be going on a cruise to Mexico.  My friend's sister is pregnant so hopefully next year I will make plans to Switzerland again! 

Health wise I am seeing the doctors I should see like a good girl.  Now it's working on getting out and being sociable and maybe even go out on a date!

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