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Big Bob's 45th Birthday



Today my big brother and fellow stroke survivor is 45 years old! :dunce: He looks good for an old man. :hehe: But I truly hope he is having a good day. My mom said she sent him a card and I will call him later. I wish I had money so we could go to see him on his birthday. Surprise him and take him out somewhere and give him a piece of cake. I am not sure if he can have cake, but it would be nice if he could have something speical.


My brother was known as Big Bob in high school because he played football. He of course was very popular. He is one of those people who could grab your attention just by being there. My brother has always liked being the shining star. It annoyed me as his sister, but sometimes he was the star and he didn't even ask to be one! But thats Bobby.


Currently, my brother is in a facility in Toomsboro, GA. He is very well taken cared of and when we see him he looks very good. You can't always say that about facilites that take Medicaid. He is of course very popular at the facility, even though it's not that big, and the ladies LOVE his hair. He could probably push himself more to be able to walk, but I am happy he is still here, and alive because we almost lost him.


I love you Bobby!

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What a lovely tribute to your brother.  I hope he has a Happy Birthday too, and lots of attention from the ladies in his facility.  Not as good as having family there but the next best thing is to be surrounded by friendly faces..

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