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change may have been an OK thing



I feel so much better- finally- med changes-- lamictal , Effexor and abilify --- i have been weaned iff the nortrytriptylen... thank goodness i have done nothing but eat, now i at least feel sensations again.

Putting Dan in the nursing home has been good for him and I. To stubborn and stupid on my part to what needed to be done. if any newbies happen to read this..... Be careful ! 24/7 with a severly affected love one, can be done..... but a mental illness can creep up on you. Mine sure did....Feels good to have my mind again...I will write more another time I am tired ( in a good way ) Nancyl


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Happy to know you feel more yourself again Nancy.  It has been a  long way back for you but it seems the right meds are finally working for you.

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Great news Nancy. Thank you for checking in. Been a very long haul and some work still to be done. Praying for and thinking of you both. Debbie

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Nancy,  I am so glad that you are doing well.  It is hard to know how far to go. and It is hard to recognize an illness that creeps  up on you slowly.  I am glad that you are finally getting better and Dan is cooperating with you.  Ruth 

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My saying is " just cause you CAN do it - doesn't mean you SHOULD do it...."

Today my psychologist said I have a lot of introspection and have been one of the patients that has come the farthest in terms of gaining my mental health and she really feels my mania and subsequent depression was very much caused by my environment ( taking care of Dan to the point of ridiculousness)... Golly I hope we are correct...  never ever, ever, ever will i attempt the almost impossible, taking care of Dan was physically challenging, still I could do that. But his demanding and micromanaging and compulsiveness made it impossible ( emotionally) to care for him to the extent I did... Nancy

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You are so right, Nancy.   As you recover, you can see how his particular demands were too much for anyone.   It is a DURN hard job, even with a n easygoing sweetheart!

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I was speaking with a member of my Medical Team this week. Her suggestion was more "socialization" for Bruce - not with me - because the TV channel surfing is not acceptable. She suggested a Senior Center that Bruce had had a bad experience with several years back. It was so funny (or not) when I said Bruce wouldn't even get into the car if he knew he was going there. And she just looks at me and says "well, you just have make him." LOL. That will work for Bruce with some bribing, but I immediately flashed on some others and thought "sure, that'll work."


Stroke is one thing, psychological issues another. Put the two together and it can become a very volatile situation.


But she did have a really wonderful take on "guilt" which I am still getting my head around - will share when I do.

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Good to hear you are doing better.  Haven't been here in a while as I've been unable to post blogs without losing them in outer space, but I'm totally understanding the "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."    Soooooooo approaching burnout after 11.5 years it is ridiculous, and lack of sleep isn't helping any.  



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Nancy, I have been following your blogs and happy to see you are doing much better with your emotional well being and Dan's care.


Take care,



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