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14 years



Today is my 14 year strokeversary! I think this is the happiest I have ever been on October 18th. I am actually happy to be alive. I have been telling random people my story all day. I've been out all day. I just feel like I have come so far. On my past stroke anniversaries all I can remember is being depressed over having seizures/ panic attacks, not being able to drive, not being able to work, not being able to use my left hand, etc.


I did not think in 2015 I would still be walking with a brace, still not able to use my left hand, and still have no left field vision. But I am so thankful I am not depressed! I am so grateful I have been driving around safely in my car all day going wherever I want to go doing whatever I want to do. No anxiety, no depression, no pity party over not being able to clap my hands or wear high heels whatever.


I have gone through so much for a reason. I met a woman just like me at my job. I mediate medicaid appeals over the phone. I was calling a lady to tell her that her daughter's brain scan was approved and she started telling me about how her daughter had brain surgery at UNC chapel Hill, the surgeons busted her AVM and made her have a stroke, they took out her skull, when they put it back in it got infected, so now she walking around with no skull bone until they put a new one in. It was word for word my same exact story. The mother actually told me I was her angel sent from God to give her hope. It made me feel so good that I could tell her how good Im doing and encourage her daughter.


I also got a new job working at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. I got the job through a contract service that only hires people with disabilities! You guys I have been doing so good and I am so grateful. I am especially thankful that I lived to see another stroke anniversary and God has placed me in a career where I can listen to and see other people who are worse off than me every day and just be grateful. I never thought this day would come. Im so grateful. I just want to go outside and shout "Whatever you're going through, don't give up. It gets better!"


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Katrina :


It feels so great to see you at the end of tunnel looking at the light & other side of tunnel. Sometimes when we are in middle of journey we don't see God's master stroke & actual purpose. It feels good to be able to see purpose behind all the pain you went through. as I learned now that whenever going through tough time just believe best is yet to come.




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Happy stroke anniversary, Katrina! I can feel the exuberance and good cheer through your post and am so happy for you!

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Great blog Katrina, thank you for sharing your stories with us.  The wonderful thing here is that so many people blog and the combined result is that people can find a blog or blogger they relate to, just as your customer found your story so like her daughter's story. We can see how our life journey although so different from one another's when we share and comment helps us to learn to be  supportive to each other too.  We learn so much through what we experience as we struggle with life.

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Katrina, I always called you my little sister in stroke since you had the stroke at such a young age but accomplished so much in spite of having the stroke....


Some times I tell myself the stroke is probably why I'm still here when I could have been robbed at my business inside the bowling center as I closed up and walked out the door with all the days profits in my bank bag which I made real good most days..


I look at how young men are robbing stores these days in my city, it's awful and they go to prison daily and some store clerk dies for a few dollars the robbers stole from the business.....


So happy 14 years to you, I'm right behind you with 12 years since the stroke but it seems like a life time as I have gotten much older and slower in my abilities to do things... Enjoy yourself in the new job, you are right it does get better!!!!!


On top of all you have gone through you are a college graduate and still alive.... I can't use my left side either and will need a scooter for ever to get around  my home and out shopping when I park my SUV and get on my scooter I haul around everywhere I go.....


Oh, the VA finally gave me a stair lift a few years ago so that made it better for me going up and down stairs in our home..... God is awesome all the time.....

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Heels are So overratted! They are so pretty but in the end those flats can look just as good!  Glad you are happy on your strokeanniversary.

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