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And in the center ring we have lightweight......



This past few weeks that my son's girlfriend has lived in our house...have been like a continual boxing match...and I'm the referee. They both are immature, have feelings that are hurt too easily, and seem to be looking for a fight.


It surely has given me understanding of my own life and relationships.


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I had always been content to be an only child, could see the pros and cons way back when and always thought I could find friends who would feel like a bro or sis. not until I had my own son and daughter (mind you, 18 mo apart) over the years have I seen a whole new level of how wonderful being an only can be! Its so funny watching the swing of being insensitive (namely when it comes to others) to being sensitive (namely about self)....Of course try not to take ANY of the silliness personally. I'm learning to adapt to this new kind of metamorphisis called a "young person'.....taxin the ole brain cells to recall my own nimrod days to remember those wild swings in personaility blush.gif just remember rehab...WE CAN MAKE IT THRU ANYTHING!!! STROKERS ARE TOUGH beer.gif AS THE HUBBIE SAYS YOU'RE THE ADULT!!! DON'T LET EM' DRIVE YA NUTS!!!!!

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