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science of well being




I have signed up for this free course on coursera for science of well being, taught by Yale professor & it is required class for Yale students.  It is great course, I wish it will be required course for all kids & human beings to learn how our brain works. I feel after my stroke when I was very unhappy with my life, slowly & steadily with trial & errors I found great books, support group  & found my happy place again, & while doing this course & my life experiences, I am learning scientific support for it, as if to say kido you are on your right track.

recently while listening to lecture on our Hindu practical text guide(Bhagwad Gita where God himself guided warrior Arjun on battlefield where he was reluctant to go & fight with his cousins for his rightful kingdom, God taught him some good lessons which we can all learn from)  which provides good techniques on how to live fulfilled life. One of  text it said " to end suffering of mind, one can take 4 paths, 1. bhakti path (prayer & faith path) 2. knowledge path (learn something), 3. karma yoga which is do your duties based on roles you are playing in life, & 4th  & last one is seva, which is  do volunteering  or do good things for others, those 4 paths can lead to end your mental suffering. I know by accident I have ended up doing all of those things in my post stroke life & found my new normal which is very satisfying. I seriously feel, books, teachers , mentors, support groups & volunteer opportunities all came up at the right time in my life.


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Like you I have walked all four paths, of course I am much older than you. Learning to go with the flow probably took the longest, but if I look back over the years I see the path I followed and it has led to many good changes in my life. I have you to thank for some of that. Keep up the good work.


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