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A Wierd Weekend!!!!!!!



This was a wierd weekend! First of all Chris and I slept in on Saturday morning till 11am - which of course *beep* me off because it takes so long till I get him breakfast and then get him washed and dressed. Till I finally got it all done and then got time for myself in the morning it was 2pm till he finally got out of bed. He was only up for not even 2 hours when he wanted to lay down because he had another headache. So I layed him down to rest and he never woke up till 6:30pm. Till I got dinner finished, we ate and cleaned up it was 9:30p. I would love to finally sit down and maybe watch TV by 8pm.


Today, at least I got up at a half decent time. Today I got Chris his breakfast and then took care of myself before I got him washed and dressed. This morning he didn't want to get out of bed because he had another headache. So I left him sleep- finally woke him up at 4:30p to take his meds. While he was sleeping I putzed around the house for awhile and then sat down in the living room and fell asleep for about an hour.


One thing that really bogged me down today was that feeling of depression again. I was feeling down about the fact that right now Chris still sleeps alot and I wish we could do more together. It is very hard to get him into the car so of course I/We never get to go anywhere. I will be very happy when the therapists start working with him in regards to the car. Today was just another of those really "off feeling days." Even tho Chris is home, there are many times when I feel very lonely.


Oh well, maybe it's just a crabby mood. I no that I am really tired again tonight, so I think the best thing is just to go to bed - get a good nights rest and maybe tommorrow will be a better day. blahblah1.gifNeeeedsleeep.gif

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I'm sorry you had such a rough weekend. I can't imagine what it would be like to have your husband sleeping all the time....I wish I could get mine to take more naps so I can get more work done. LOL One thing I made the mistake of doing when I brought Gary home was not continuing any of the sleeping meds...the advantage being that I wouldn't have to wean him off the drugs later, but the disadvantage being that it is a hell of a lot more work for me because I can't get things done if he doesn't nap and the only sleep I get is at night when he sleeps through the night now.




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