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Brown Recluse Spider



okay.. This is a blog about a prob. my parents have... Their house is full of Brown Recluse Spiders. They breed a house for them.. clutter everywhere... 3,000 + sq. foot house, that only 2 ppl live in, only the bottom floor. They live in a house full of 'em. One climbed out of the bathtub drain, into my bathwater last night. Now, you can see one disabled woman move fast out of the bath water, when a big poison spider is swimming towards you.

The last time I visited, 3 huge one fell out of the overflow drain, when the water splashed up by it.

This visit, I came armored with Raid, spider spray, and even sprayed the tubs overflow drain good, and baseboards,and etc. in that b-room.


It is so sad to see my parents live in filth, cluttered house, when it could be so much more. I have flipped out over the BR spiders, and it didn't help, b/c the say I am over reacting! BS

I don't know, if my body could handle a bite from one. I am not scared of spiders, just venonmous ones. I kept the spider's body, that I caught, so I can take it home and ID it in private.


I have set out glue traps before, and in the a.m. it would be covered in fiddle back spiders. My parents blame it on their rock house, that they live in.. BS too there


It is b/c they encourage them to live with them. Half of the house goes unused, and b-rooms, they are always gone/busy, and they hoard everything, and never throw anything away...


Big mess for us 4 kids to deal with, when they both pass.


They are not very old. Just 55 and 56.


I have tried to clean up their house, for them, but it always goes back the same way.


I am scared to death when I sleep, that I may get bit by one, so far no one has... but it is only time...


I came to my parents house, before they had gotten home from work. I went into cleaning mode, and cleaned my mom's kitchen. I found a bag of rotten onions, and 1 unidentified object rotten... Gnats flying everywhere in the kitchen.

it is getting too gross to come and visit. And too dangerous with the BR Spiders. I zip up all our suitcases at night, so they will not crawl into it, and follow us home to live.

I shake out my shoes and clothes all the time.. check the bed covers, before we get into bed.


They do not even scrub their toilet!! Is it age or just they like to live like pigs?? It is so bothering too me. I have tried to change it in my past, but it is unchangable. My sister and husband are bothered by it.. they do not enjoy visiting or staying the night.

For 1 reason they keep their AC on *82 in the summer, I break a sweat typing on the PC. I am being a brat.

Mu mom does have a serious problem... she has kept everyone of our childhood toys... I n the same places we last put them as a child... She is a slave to her material possessions.

Their house is cluttered full of books, CD's,old VHS tapes..old magazines she would read, when she was a SAH mom

Her old Kindergarten teaching supplies.. It goes on and on.

I think, they both keep themselves crazy busy, so they don't have to face the pig sty(sp)

I have 3 more days of being at my dear parents house. My sister and bro. are coming tom. with their kids. I will be total caos..

**My sister says that when they both die, we are just going to light a match to the house.LOL

to be cont.


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Man, Amy, you are braver than I am! I would not sleep or visit a house full of that type of spider. Can't they be exterminated? A once a month spraying for x amount of weeks? Gives me the creeps just reading your blog.


Living like pigs at your parents age is probably more sickness than laziness.



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Haven't your parents ever seen pictures of a BR spider bite? The flesh near the bite looks like it had acid poured on it, it is just gone! I am one of those that hates spiders of any variety, but I wouldn't be staying in that house! Parents or not.


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I have to agree with the others - I don't know that I could sleep in a house with poisonous spiders. Years ago we stopped going to a relatives house for dinners after I discovered that the sink full of dirty dishes had not only dirty dishes, but dirty underwear buried underneath them in the slimey water. I went home and vomited and haven't been able to eat there since. It's the type of house you describe your parents to be - clutter everywhere, packed to the ceiling with "stuff" and more "stuff" and a breeding ground for disease. Ughhhhh





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I don't think you are going to be able to change the situation.

Your parents have to do that.

I don't know how you do it, I would be FREAKING!!!!!!!


You may have to tell them that until they clean things up you can't

come and stay in the house.


I would never subject my kids to poisonious spiders!!!!!!!!



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Thank you all for your replys..


My parents think everything is no big deal... Molestation as a child... Car seats are stupid to them for the kids,My eating disorder was not a big deal, my heart problem as a child, was not checked out, they blew it off.


Thank God, my husband is my decision maker for me now.


The day I got married was one of the most liberating days for me. I have gained 2 normal parents my in-laws, my FIL is my father figure. I still haven't forgiven my Dad for the affair.(sad I know..)



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