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More Brown Recluse Spiders...



I killed 2 more Brown Recluse Spiders last night before bath, I used a bathroom that is visited more frequently then the other one. I saw one in the tub, and 1 on the counter top with her babies!!!

I wanted to get our S*** and leave last night. Staying here is worse than camping!!! Especially on a survivor.

My parents in stalled hand rails for Grandma and I after stroke. My dad did a crappy half A** job putting them up. When I use one hand rail, it falls down, b/c he only put the screw in the dry wall!! Everytime it falls, I leave it down, and dad keeps on putting it back up. Finally I told Mom, and she said"OH I'll tell Dad about it.

I wanted to scream, he knows it, b/c he has been putting it back up!!!

That could cause me to fall worse than ever.


Their Brown Recluse Spider problem, is about to have me staying at someone else's house, they blow it off and tell me I am over reacting.. and they have never been bit.

They blow off everything.. they are pro's of being in denial. Mom didn't believe us when my sister and I told her about us being molested!!! She blew it off. Our family has a reputation to keep up with the town and church.


I n high school, they were in total denial about my eating disorder, even after I got down below 100 pds.

The talk about evrybody's weight. "She's too fat"

"Think she has an eating disorder?"

It is mainly my dad who makes these comments.



I had to beg my mom to take me to the Dr. one summer. They didn't take care of us medically growing up.


When I visit, I revert back to that moody 15 yr. old. I knew that I was going to be stuck in a car with them on a 4 hr. road trip, and all they listen to is non-secular music. I love God, but there is only so much Christan music I can take.

I came prepared with my cd walkman and 50 cent CD.


I need to start a 2nd blog about my mom bragging about her health to me!!

Thank you for listening..


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well i hope these spiders arent were u live incase u didnt know the broqn recluse can and will bite! its not a pretty site either after thy bite thy like create some kinda deseas under ur skin eating it up hope u killum all


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